29 - Die Flotte der Springer
The Fleet Of The Springers
Kurt Mahr

Perry Rhodan follows the ORLA XI, the Springer ship holding Julian Tifflor and his companions captive, to the Beta Albireo System. The K-9 can escape the ORLA XI but is severely damaged by an arriving fleet of Springer-warships that Orlgans has called by hypercom for help. Tiff, along with his fellow Space Academy classmates Hifield, Eberhardt, Orsons and Felicita Kergonen, flee the K-9 with a small destroyer space-craft. But that too is attacked and damaged and the fleeing cadets use up almost all the energy of their destroyer escaping from the scene of the battle. They barely manage to land on an icy world of the Beta Albireo System which they name Snowman. There they hide from the scouts of Orlgans. Orlgans intends to capture Tiff on the ice-world for himself in order to obtain information about the location of the World Of Eternal Life that he thinks Tiff knows. Thus, he hurries to Snowman in order to begin the search for Tifflor. Perry Rhodan lets him do so and remains in a standoff position with his three ships, the STARDUST II, the TERRA, and the SOLAR SYSTEM, several light years from the Beta Albireo System. Rhodan hopes that Tifflor, once captured, will be able to find out more about the enemy and then be freed.

Michael Mahoney 2008-07-29

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