289 - Das System der blauen Riesen
The System of the Blue Giants
Clark Darlton


The corvette KC-l, with Pucky and the two waveriders on board, is flying from the maelstrom created by the explosion of the transmitter. However, hyperdimensional waves from the nearby novae damage its kalup, and they are forced to leave linear space. They quickly detect an eight-meter ship which seems to be flying away from the storm front as well. When he hears about this, Pucky immediately deduces that it must be a ship belonging to the Solar Engineers, the creators of the transmitter.

Pucky teleports on board of the ship, startling the three energetic spheres who control it. They are fleeing as fast as they can, but since they have to use their own energy to teleport the ship, they are growing weaker with every leap. First defiant toward Pucky, they eventually admit that they are out of strength and will therefore be quickly caught up by the shock wave. They reluctantly give the Terran crew the coordinates of their home system. The KC-1 takes the sphere on its board and heads for Eyhoe.

Eyhoe turns out to be another artificial system. Three suns form a triangle within which orbit the first two planets. Hoel, the home planet of the Solar Engineers, is the second planet in the system, and thus never knows darkness. As soon as they emerge from linear space, the Terrans are detected by a Tefrodian ship, led by Gerlachos, a Tefrodian. After a quick talk, the two ships agree on a truce since both their engines are greatly affected by the nearby storm. The two ships head for Eyhoe II. Pucky and the two waveriders leave the corvette on board of the Sphere Ship and land safely on the planet. However, a Tefrodian ship detects the Terran ship, and Redhorse is forced to flee.

The KC-1 hides on Eyhoe VIII, the only planet that offers acceptable living conditions for the humans. Redhorse lands the corvette at the bottom of the sea. On Hoel, Pucky tries to win the trust of the Engineers, but they are not easily convinced. It turns out they have been exploited by the Tefrodians since 10,000 years.

On Eyhoe VIII, Tefrodian ships are closing in on the corvette. Redhorse takes a shuttle and tries to divert them, but they don't fall for the trick. They eventually locate the KC-1 and destroy it, along with its twelve crew members. They let the shuttle go, knowing that its only chance to survive is to go on Hoel. Meanwhile, on Hoel, the Tefrodians have learned about the presence of the Terrans and they start looking for them.

*Note - found this summary several years ago on an old internet site - http://www.ed.ac.uk/~geas?CYCLO/P/PR-289.sub.html - that no longer exists (same site that the previous short summaries in the "Master of the Island" cycle that Cedric had obtained came from)

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