281 - Kampf in der Tiefsee
Battle In The Deep Sea
H.G. Ewers


After Homer Adams depicts the dramatic situation in the Empire, Perry Rhodan realizes that his financial advisor is at his wits end and needs a complete rest before he can be operational again. With Homer's agreement, Rhodan sends him to a specialized hospital where he will hopefully be able to recover from the recent pressure that was put on him. Marat and McKay, the two detectives that uncovered the counterfeiters on Oyun in the previous episode, are assigned the delicate task to watch after him and make sure the Tefrodian agents don't get a chance to kill him or replace him with a clone (less likely option since Homer bears a cell activator).

The secret clinic is located at the bottom of a very deep sea, not far away from the lost Lemuria continent that sank 50,000 years ago. On their arrival, a singer in a night-club is murdered. It turns out she was actually a Terran agent, so the two detectives are immediately on guard. They decide not to leave Adams one second alone. They are both quickly seduced by women working there, and however wary they are, McKay is found later unconscious in his room. He won't remember anything except having been invited to drink a whisky with a woman. They come to the conclusion that he was hypnotized. Adams is still here, wearing his activator.

Meanwhile, Rhodan is taking steps to avoid the complete devaluation of the Empire currency. He creates state banks where all the money used to pay workers is to be deposited. This measure solves a part of the problem, but no solution exists to track down all the fake money that keeps pouring through the empire, since it can't be distinguished from the original one.

Worried about Adams' whereabouts, Atlan joins the hospital and contacts the detectives. When told about the recent events, the detectives feel that Atlan is suspicious about something but he won't tell them anything. McKay and Adams go hunting. As they are fighting against one of the monstrous animals that dwell in the depths, Adams disappears with the submarine and leaves McKay alone. McKay triggers the alarm and just as Atlan is about to come to the rescue, the submarine reappears, with Adams on board, apparently in good shape. Atlan asks McKay not to disclose his presence in the hospital to Adams.

Back in the base, a bomb explodes and Atlan is almost killed in the explosion. He decides to get back to Terrania and informs Rhodan that he suspects Adams to have been replaced by a clone. An operation is set up with all the mutants (who have all been recalled from various places in both galaxies in the meantime) to identify the Tefrodians and their alleged base in the vicinity of the secret clinic on Guam.

Meanwhile, in the Perseids Cluster, five hundred light years away from Sol, a Springer ship is spotted by a Terranian vessel, and when asked to stop for a routine inspection, tries to escape. It is quickly neutralized and captured. On board, the Terranian captain finds spare pieces of unknown origin. When the incident is brought before the Terranian leaders, it turns out the pieces are supposed to fit in a Tefrodian multiduplicator. The destination of the Springer vessel is the third planet of the Iago sun.

In the base, the trap for the fake Adams is laid out. McKay escorts him for another sea hunting session, and Lemy Danger silently trails them. Adams neutralizes McKay with a gas and heads for the Tefrodian base. Once there, McKay is imprisoned and questioned. When he was about to be disposed of, he receives the unexpected help from a deserter Tefrodian. In the meantime, the Terranian forces have begun to invade the base with the help of the mutants (the Tefrodians didn't think there were any mutants left on Terrania and therefore, were caught unaware). A bomb supposed to destroy the whole base is disarmed, and Rhodan finally conquers it.

A lot of fake money is discovered, along with a multiduplicator device. This is a partial victory for the Terranians, since the real Adams is nowhere to be found.

*Note - found this summary several years ago on an old internet site - http://www.ed.ac.uk/~geas?CYCLO/P/PR-281.sub.html - that no longer exists (same site that the previous short summaries in the "Master of the Island" cycle that Cedric had obtained came from).

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