28 - Der kosmische Lockvogel
The Cosmic Decoy
K.H. Scheer

After three small spaceships disappeared and a mysterious radio-communication was received, Perry Rhodan suspects that an as yet unknown enemy prepares for an attack on the earth and seems to have an already good working espionage-net on earth. To find out who the enemy is and how his espionage-net works Perry Rhodan sets a trap. A young cadet, Julian Tifflor, of the Space Academy, where future star pilots are being trained, gets a transmitter of psionic radiation implanted, so the mutants of Perry Rhodan's Mutant Corps can locate him over several light-years of distance. This is done without Tiff's knowledge while he is unconscious after an attack. After that he is sent to the Vega system with secret plans concerning the financial plans of the Third Power. These of course are a fake, but Tiff does not know that either. The spaceship that Tiff is on to fly to Vega is attacked as expected. But the enemy's pilot proves to be more cunning than anticipated and the abduction of the spaceship can not be prevented by Perry Rhodan and his small fleet which secretly followed Tiff's ship. Tiff and his companions are boarded by a race that calls itself the "Springers" (which is "Jumpers" in english) because they primarily live on spaceships and jump from star-system to star-system trading goods on various planets. They are descendents of the Arkonides - Khrest and Thora's people. They claim that the great Empire of the Arkonides granted them the trade monopoly for the entire Milky Way thousands of years ago and they are very eager to protect that monopoly. That makes them a natural enemy of the Third Power which established trade-outposts on Vega. An escape-attempt by Tiff and his companions fails and they continue to be held captive by the Springers while Perry Rhodan and the Mutant Corps tries to find them.

Michael Mahoney 2008-07-17

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