279 - Die Bezwinger der Zeit
The Conquerors Of Time
William Voltz


Disguised as Alarians and with the support of Tannwander (carefully hypnotized by Andre Noir), Rhodan learns that Nevis-Latan plans to retire for some time in his submarine to go scuba-diving. They decide they will use this opportunity to capture him. Meanwhile, the KHREST III is hiding close to a nearby star, informed of the progress of the small team of nine persons led by Rhodan on Lemuria. They happily welcome the news that a Master of the Island was identified, but only Icho Tolot doesn't seem to share their enthusiasm. Asked about this, he says the presence of Nevis-Latan on Lemuria precisely in this time and place is highly suspicious. He suspects a new trap laid out by the Masters of the Island to capture them once and for all.

John Marshall sets out in a Mosquito and heads for Lemuria, in order to let Rhodan know about Icho Tolot's deductions. He manages to send a compressed message and get Rhodan's acknowledgement just before being destroyed by the Lemurian's air defenses, and heads back safely to the KHREST III.

Rhodan maintains the initial plan: they will capture Nevis-Latan on board of his submarine. Pucky and Kakuta are assigned this dangerous mission, and will have to teleport into the submarine and neutralize the Master of the Island (now known to have powerful defenses against psychic attacks, as Rhodan learned when the previous Master was killed some time ago). Both mutants teleport into the submarine and are able to neutralize the Master of the Island a split second before he activates his defenses. The other seven members of the team invest the submarine.

Back to consciousness, Nevis-Latan displays the usual morgue and self-confidence toward Rhodan. He has no doubt about the robustness of his psychic block and doesn't fear Rhodan's mutants questionings. However, Atlan and Rhodan decide to use the psychobeamer (something I don't know how it was translated in English. It's a device that appeared in the very first issues of PR and that scans the deep recesses of someone's mind, often leaving them mentally dead). The operation works, and Nevis-Latan supplies vital information about how the temporal field works.

However, only Masters of the Island from the "real time" can activate it, so Rhodan needs to find a trick to lead them to teleport the KHREST III back into its time. He convinces Nevis-Latan to tell his colleagues that some new telepathic parasite has been discovered, and that a ship filled with them is about to leave Lemuria. These hypothetical parasites are able to harmlessly give their host telepathic capabilities. The message is transmitted and the Masters of the Island from beyond time confirm that the ship will be sent back to the "real time".

Encouraged by the cooperation of Nevis-Latan, Perry Rhodan decides to push a little further and starts questioning him about his people, who they are and where they live. Another mental block shows up and Nevis-Latan is on the verge of becoming completely insane. Rhodan decides to leave the questions aside for the moment.

They reintegrate the KHREST III and head for the location of the temporal field. The ship is set to maximal alert before making the transition, Rhodan being almost certain that a trap is awaiting them. The transfer through time happens, and as soon as it reappears, the KHREST III devastates Vario and its temporal station. The attack seems to have taken the Lemurians and the Tefrodians completely unaware. The KHREST III makes its way through the Tefrodian fleet and enters linear space, heading back home. With Vario and its temporal station destroyed, the MdI have no way to communicate with their time agents. It's the first positive score for the Terrans in their fight against the Masters of the Island.

Rhodan resumes Nevis-Latan's questioning and pushes it further. The mental block is immediately activated, and is too strong for the brain of Nevis-Latan. The only information Rhodan get before Nevis-Latan dies is the number of Masters of the Island left: seven! Given the conditions under which this information was obtained, Rhodan is unsure about its value, though.

Perry Rhodan heads back for Andro-Beta, more than ever decided to uncover the secrets of the Masters of the Islands, but unaware that a new threat has emerged in the very heart of his empire while he was absent.

*Note - found this summary several years ago on an old internet site - http://www.ed.ac.uk/~geas?CYCLO/P/PR-279.sub.html - that no longer exists (same site that the previous short summaries in the "Master of the Island" cycle that Cedric had obtained came from).

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-09-08

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