277 - Befehle aus der 5. Dimesion
Commands From The 5th Dimension
K.H. Scheer

On the Khrest III, the mutants detect the telepathetic beacons left by the Khrest III. The men of the Khrest III find the cargo ship and fit the new kalups. But the Dino pod is nowhere to be found. After fruitless searches, the men of the Dino-3 are definitely considered as missing [Cedric: actually, they are not dead and will play a key role in a future cycle, but their whereabouts won't be explained in this cycle].

With its brand new engines, the Khrest III crosses the intergalactic chasm and joins Andromeda. On its way, it discovers giant platforms, built by the Maahks. These stations are used as relays by the fleeing Maahk fleet. The Terrans are witnessing how the initially Andromedan Maahks were chased by the arrival of the Lemurs, and how they fleed toward the Milky Way where, 30,000 years later, they will confront the Arkonids.

Cedric Beust

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