276 - Irrweg durch die Zeit
Lost In Time (Wrong Track Through Time)
Kurt Mahr

To save Rhodan and the Khrest III, Bell manages to send into the past via the Vario transmitter a ship, the Dino-3, a giant cargo carrying three kalup engines. The end goal is to fit the Khrest III with these engines so that it can reach Andromeda without having to go though the transmitter, and from there, use the Vario transmitter to get back into the present. When the Dino-3 arrives into the past, the Khrest III is no longer there. The crew of the cargo ship understands that the Khrest III is five hundred years in the future. They abandon the Dino-3 near Redpoint, leaving telepathetic beacons in the nearby area, tuned on the mental frequences of the mutants, so that only they will be able to unlock the ship.

Then the men of the Dino-3 board on a pod and set on a five hundred light-year trip with a nearly relativistic speed. This way, only a few months will have elapsed for them during the actual five hundred years. They hope they will find the Khrest III at the end of their journey.

Cedric Beust

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