275 - Der Flug nach Barkon
The Flight To Barkon
Clark Darlton

In the present, Mory Abro is worried about the whereabouts of her husband. She has the idea to consult the Barkonids. Since Barkon left the Milky Way thousands of years ago, its inhabitants might have kept information on the state of the Galaxy at the time where Rhodan is. With Bell's help, she prepares an expedition to find Barkonis, still wandering between the two galaxies. The expedition first meets with Luxids [Cedric: which Rhodan already faced during the Posbi cycle], all dead by now, short of finding energy.

The ship then reaches Barkonis, buzzing with activity, which is unusual. The Terrans learn that the Tefrodians arrived shortly before them and proposed to the Barkonids to fit generators on the planet, which would allow them to reach the Milky Way within a few weeks. In exchange, they asked the Barkonids to take with them a race of giant amoebas. The Barkonids accepted the deal.

The Terrans realize that this whole affair is a trap : the amoebas bear a deadly germ that would be fatal to all lifeforms in the Milky Way. Alerted, the Barkonids sacrifice themselves by destroying their planet.

Cedric Beust

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