27 - Im Banne des Hypno
In The Thrall of Hypno
Clark Darlton

(1981) Searching Mars and its moons for some sign of Monterny, Derringhouse and one of the Good Hope-class auxiliary ships is taken over by the super mutant. From his hidden base beneath Mar's surface, he directs the commandeered craft back to earth with his most powerful weapon on board: Ivan Ivanovich Goratschin. Goratschin is a two-headed giant, with the ability to cause any matter containing calcium or carbon to spontaneously explode in a nuclear reaction. The Good Hope VII and its mutant commander launch an attack on Terannia.

Members of Rhodan's mutant corps are able to reach and interfere with Monterny's hypnotic block on the Good Hope's crew, who break off the attack and retreat into an orbit around the moon. Goratschin, freed of Monterny's control for the first time in three years and responding to the kindness shown to him by Betty Toufry, joins Rhodan’s New Power.

Realizing that he has lost, Monterny flees from his Mars in the last of the stolen destroyers. Bull pursues him and, with the help of telepath Tatjana Michalowna, is able to find him in hiding on an asteroid near Jupiter. Monterny again flees, but his spacecraft is disabled by Gucky, who uses his telekinetic gift to shut down all power on the ship. The velocity of the craft causes it to slam into a large meteor, killing Monterny.

Mark J. Golden 2007-08-28

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