2691 - Der Howanetzmann
The Howanet Man
Hubert Haensel

The destruction of Pean is imminent. Perry Rhodan, Gucky and Alaska Saedelaere flee from the Howalgonium cave. They take the unconscious Nemo Partijan with them. The Peaners give their guests protection for enough time that they can escape the downfall of the world with the SCREW-B. The cell activator bearers have to spend a few days in medo-tanks due to massive radiation poisoning. Whether Nemo Partijan will ever recover again is questionable, given the deadly hyper-radiation dose. When Rhodan awakens rom healing on January 15, 1470 NGE and finds Partijan's tank empty, he thinks the Stardust Terran has died. In truth, Partijan is alive and well and is already in the headquarters of the World Ship.

Rhodan is fed up with Partijan's secrecy and gets the truth out of him. Partijan informs them: At the age of five he was traveling with his parents in their prospector ship in the area of the sun of the Stardust system. The ship was attacked by a Howanet. It teleported into the headquarters, wraps itself around the boy, and excretes some hypercrystal shards. When the Howanet teleport away, the splinters combine at the molecular level with Partijanís spinal cord and remain there. Not only does he periodically have back pain due to these splinters, he also gains a special affinity for hypercrystals and the ability to perceive hyperspace as a kind of landscape. On Pean, the splinters absorbed the deadly energies and rendered it harmless.

Like Alaska Saedelaere and Eroin Blitzer, Partijan was now recognized and hypno-schooled by the World Ship. He discovers a hitherto unknown legacy of Sholoubwa: A camouflage system that works in a similar way to an Antitemporal Time Field. This can shift the World Ship in time, so that it is hidden in an unstable zone and cannot be detected even by QIN SHI. Camouflaged so, the World Ship flies Sholoubwa's Control World I, because QIN SHI seems to be preparing something important there. On the 16th of January the BOTNETZ appears there. A dimensional tunnel is formed. Rhodan and Mondra Diamond assume that it will create a connection to the Sol system.

The Commander of the LUMINOSITY is watching these events from Tolmar. The hypercrystal planet is heated up until it breaks. A transfer to Control World I takes place. The cobalt blue cylinder goes there and is thus exactly where the Cosmocrats originally wanted it...

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-03-19

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