2690 - Der fünfte Akt
The Fifth Act
Marc A. Herren

Alaska Saedelaere and Nemo Partijan are still linked to each other and to TANEDRAR through hyper-energetic strands. They experience the defensive struggle of the Empire of Harmony against QIN SHI’s invasion force, where reality and visions mingle.

Partijan meets Gommrich Dranat. The Court Jester from the Admonishing Drama personally intervenes in the space battles, but only accomplishes pinpricks against the opponent, which are bought with high losses on the Harmony side. Ultimately, the fleet of the Empire of Harmony is destroyed by a minefield laid by the Jester himself. DRANAT is devoured by QIN SHI.

Saedelaere tries to convince Princess Arden Drabbuh that the war cannot be won by battleships. She should follow the plan of the Peaners and unite with QIN SHI. On a mentally created red plain, the Princess negotiates with an avatar of the hostile superintelligence and offers him a pact. QIN SHI is completely unimpressed and begins to gnaw on the body of the Princess. She flees into a kind of fog bank, which QIN SHI is for some reason afraid to chase after her in. The red plain dissolves. The mask bearer falls into a sun through the void left behind.

Perry Rhodan and Gucky, who have already left the mental construct, assume that TANEDRAR has been defeated. The next target of QIN SHI will be the Peaners and them. Gucky asks Rhodan what they can do about it…

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-03-12

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