2689 - Kristall-Labyrinth
Crystal Labyrinth
Christian Montillon

QIN SHI is getting ready to attack TANEDRAR and all the Escalians connected to the superintelligence by an Escaran. This sumptuous meal will be better than anything QIN SHI has ever eaten. If QIN SHI absorbs the entire mental energy of TANEDRAR and the contents of the minds of billions of intelligence beings, it could create something unprecedented that goes beyond the known cosmic evolution.

In the Howalgonium mine Perry Rhodan, Pucky, Alaska Saedelaere and Nemo Partijan remain unnoticed. However, they suffer from the side effects of the hypercrystals. Partijan even seems to be dying from the hyper-radiation. All four are connected to each other and to TANEDRAR through hyper-energetic strands. Rhodan and Gucky have visions of current events in Escalian, in which reality and delusions mingled in a bizarre manner. The Terran leads a hopeless fight at the side of Craton Yukk against the invaders as a replacement for the missing Chancellor Orsen Tafalla. The mousebeaver finds himself in a zoo on Pean. Later, he witnesses King Noser Netbura trying to convince the Xylthians to turn sides but fails and sacrifices himself instead.

Having failed to get QUIN SHI to give up her attack, Rhodan and Pucky wake up. Gucky believes that two parts of the quadruple entity TANEDRAR now no longer exist.

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-03-06

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