2688 - Die zweite Wirklichkeit
The Second Reality
Arndt Ellmer

After barely escaping QIN SHI (who is about to depopulate an entire area of Dranat ), Perry Rhodan and his friends fly with the World Ship to the planet Pean. Alaska Saedelaere and Eroin Blitzer behave strangely on the way there, as if they were subject to a foreign influence, which they themselves do not notice. Rhodan, Saedelaere, Gucky and Nemo Partijan land on the planet. Their search for the Peaners (who are Suggestors) is difficult, because they do not want to be found and lead the intruders astray with mirages. Only Saedelaere is welcome, as they had previously healed him. The Peaners bring him to them and seem to lead him into a cave. There the Terran sees large amounts of Howalgonium. Apparently there are huge hypercrystal deposits in the mountain where the cave is located.

The Peaner call themselves the "godparents" of TANEDRAR. They report how the four forcibly-spiritualized entities once came to Pean from Chanda and hid there from QIN SHI with the help of the Peaners. In a protracted process, the suggestive powers of the Peaners enabled them to stabilize and unite. The Peaners also proposed the ritual of Arrival and Departure. Pean became TANEDRARís anchor. QIN SHI arrived a little later and wanted to take possession of both the Howalgonium and the Peaners, but was repelled by them.

That, the Peaners make clear, would not be possible for them today. Saedelaere realizes that TANEDRAR is hiding on Pean again. The Peaners intend to reconcile the two enemy superintelligences. Saedelaere and his friends volunteer to help act as intermediaries. The mask bearer brings his friends to the cave. Partijan has back pain again and collapses in the cave. QIN SHI is approaching...

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-02-28

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