2687 - Alles gerettet auf ewig
Everything Is Saved Forever
Wim Vandemaan

Ynirt and the Toufec, disguised as a Gyvie, are led into the Pinnacle of Transfiguration by Steward Schtaoros, a cube-shaped artificial being. An Antuu - a kind of fire serpent, beings that are considered gods by the inhabitants of Pareezad - appears and lunges at Toufec, who kills the Antuu and Shtaoros with a Nanogent sword. The two intruders can continue on their way but are attacked by Fagesys. Ynirt is badly wounded. Toufec has to leave the spider like being behind in a medical center. Toufec encounters two seemingly senile Sayporans and kills one of them because he thinks he is Paichander. The Sayporan is actually named Dhaeconost and is a seal researcher. He seems to know something about the seal that held ARCHETIM's psi-corpse in Sol. But Toufec receives no useful information from the dying being.

Although Toufec keeps on advancing, his task overtaxes his mind, and doubt about Delorian Rhodan’s righteousness awakens in him. Asked for his loyalty, Pazuzu says he'll serve Toufec, if forced to choose. Finally, Toufec gives up on the assassination mission and now just wants to try to disable the pyramid. For this purpose, he destroys the antennas standing on the top of the building. After a fight against the Antuus, he still meets Paichander. At last, Toufec realizes why he has no more obstacles in his way: Paichander intends to incorporate Toufec into his body. Pazuzu is temporarily paralyzed. Only with the help of some Antuus who Toufec has lured there and with the support of an unknown person, does Toufec end up killing Paichander, after all.

This breaks the power of the Pai. The Chour return and pick up the reins. Chourtaird and Choursterc, the new consuls of the World Wreath system, declare that the alliance with QIN SHI is over in the name of the New Sayporan Constitution. From Anicee Ybarri Reginald Bell has previously learned that Paitäcc, where appropriate, "will be on the side of the Chours". Toufec takes his leave from the Alliance of the Starworthy. He wants to return to the city of Aures. Delorian Rhodan releases him.

On December 22, 1469 NGE Delorian Rhodan gives a speech to the inhabitants of the Sol system with Reginald Bull's permission. Through a mental projection he shows them which future he has to offer them. Those who follow him will start a new life as a spiritualized being in the Neuroversum, safe from the access of superintelligences, Cosmocrats and Chaotarchs, embedded in a collective of consciousnesses and in another reality that enables the realization of all one’s dreams. Bull experiences a sample of this dream world, in which everything that their inhabitants desire is possible. There, the dead are not dead, not even Bull’s father fallen in World War II on Omaha Beach, whose grave he has never visited.

Bull and most of the other humans and extraterrestrials in the Sol system reject Delorian’s offer. More than thirty-five million people (0.31% of the total population) accept it. Together with the Reformatted teenagers, they are transported to the World Wreath system. There they find huge halls with millions of suspension beds. The emigrants are supposed to be put into hyperspace here. Their ÜBSEF constants will be hidden there to be safe from the soul-eater QIN SHI. Bull assumes that the suspension technique will also be used for the planned spiritualization. Bull receives detailed information about this technique from Chourtaird. Meanwhile, the Resident suspects that it will soon come to a final battle against QIN SHI…

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-02-19

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