2686 - Angriff der Nanokrieger
Attack of the Nanowarriors
Leo Lukas

Three large Terran fleets will be sent to the World Wreath system, to the bridge world, and to the Ephemeral Gate, as these locations will determine the fate of the anomaly and thus of the Sol system. It comes to a stalemate, because the power center of the Sayporaners and the Ephemeral Gate are backed by far superior fleets of cone ships and star galleons. The planet Faland, on which the dead brain is located, cannot be approached directly because of the disturbing radiation prevailing there. Toufec and his Alliance of the Starworthy have been ordered to depose or kill Paichander to liberate the Sayporans from the rule of the Academy of Logistics. From tracking the TOLBA and records that Pazuzu made while working on Druh, Delorian Rhodan concludes that the Academy of Logistics has been relocated to the plantation world Pareezad. This planet of the World Wreath system serves the Sayporans as a "store" for body parts that they can incorporate people from many races live there, who are mentally influenced and exploited in the truest sense of the word.

The seven thousand, five hundred and one Sol Mobile Mission Fleet arrive in the Banteira system and make a fake attack on the forces commanded by Paigaross, the Salvage Academy Inspector, to distract them and allow six six-member Starworthy teams to land unnoticed on Pareezad. Toufec's team meets Ynirt, a Gyvie spider being, who is being forced to sacrifice himself to the god Antuu because of the birth of his second child. Suddenly Toufec's companions succumb to the same hypnosuggestive influence that dominates Ynirt. Only Toufec is protected due to his particularly intimate bond with his nanogents. Two of his men kill each other and other team members (including Clara Esleve) are seriously injured by their own nanogents. Toufec barely manages to get them to safety but returns immediately to the mission so that the mission does not fail, because the other teams have also had to flee.

Toufec releases Ynirt from the suggestive commands and disguises himself as a Gyvie. Together, they reach the Pinnacle of Transfiguration, one of many black pyramids with spiral antennas at their tops, from which the suggestive impulses emanate. This pyramid is something special. A Nano-falcon posted by Toufec has discovered that in a shaft in the middle of the pyramid there is a cylindrical object that has apparently been there for only a few days. Toufec does not doubt that it is the Academy of Logistics.

On December 19, 1469 NGE Reginald Bull receives a message from Commodore Jomo Wangare, who commands the fleet dispatched to the Ephemeral Gate. There, an additional twenty thousand star galleons have appeared, flying at low speed towards the gate.

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