2685 - Der ARCHETIM-Schock
Hubert Haensel

The ARCHETIM shock - the flooding of the Sol system with a wave of agonizing emotions due to the removal of the superintelligence’s corpse - is Paitäcc’s signal to attack. His primary objective is the destruction of the crystal balls that sustain the Sextadim veil. Tens of thousands of cone spaceships attack the few totally surprised Terrans, for vessels have approached Sol to observe ARCHETIM’s evacuation. The Terran ships are destroyed. Only Callis Varro, Commander of the heavy cruiser BAMAKO, escapes with a rescue pod that descends to Neptune's moon Triton.

Millions of Dosanthi transmit their panic impulses to the inhabitants of the Sol system and thereby stifle any resistance in the bud. Landing troops attack the inhabited outer planets and moons. On Triton, genetic designer Rya Pascoe flies an old Shift and finds Varro's escape pod. He brings the injured man to safety.

On his return to the Sol system, Reginald Bull finds chaotic conditions. An effective defense is unthinkable. Anicee Ybarri, spokeswoman for the Umbrian Council, orders Paitäcc to stop all fighting. The Sayporan obeys her. His ships even deactivate their energy screens. Negotiations are initiated on December 17, 1469 NGE.

The Spenta fulfill their part of the pact with Reginald Bull. The fimbul crust begins to be dissolved. Sol will be re-ignited. Rya Pascoe and Callis Varro decide to watch the first sunrise in months from Triton.

Reginald Bull sends ships following the Spenta. Further contingents will be sent to the bridge world. Delorian Rhodan and his Starworthy will take over the liberation of the World Wreath system from the rule of the Academy of Logistics….

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-02-06

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