2684 - Ein Pfand für die Spenta
A Pledge for the Spenta
Marc A. Herren

Chourtaird is ready to speak with the Spentas for the Terrans. The Sun Cottagers should remove the Fimbul crust and re-ignite Sol, and in return they can remove ARCHETIM’s corpse in peace. Reginald Bull, Shanda Sarmotte and the Sayporan fly into the Lichtwirt system with the 800-meter battleship LAERTES, which they reach on December 14, 1469 NGE. Colonel Prester Jellicoe, also known as the "Giraffe" because of his height of 2.20 meters, is the commander of the APOLLO class spacecraft. He accompanies Bull, Sarmotte and Chourtaird personally to the Plasma City made of Ephemeral matter, which the Spenta have built inside the sun they inhabit to make contact with other living things. People are greeted there by the maid Isgrud and squire Algamad.

At the same time, Paichander, Dean of the Academy of Logistics, is preparing for the transfer of Terra and Luna to the World Wreath system. Terra is to be positioned by Spheromorph machines and a gigantic transit parquet for the time being between Paladon and Jädvanas , the 12th and 13th planets of the system. Later Terra will be moved to take the path of the third planet. QIN SHI is supposed to depopulate the rest of the solar planets, so the people of Terra believe they 've gotten the better part of the deal. They should be content to live in the security of the World Wreath system.

Inspector Paitäcc is to perform this mission. He is in his flagship KOKOLLUN in the methane ocean of Neptune, waiting for the signal to strike. This signal is given by a small fleet of star galleons and cone space that bombard the sextadim screen and thereby generate a certain energy resonance. Paitäcc awakens from stasis conservation and convinces himself of the readiness of his force. 40,000 cone ships, each with 2000 Dosanthi under the supreme command of Chular Sairett, are hiding on Neptune. Humanity would be powerless against the panic radiation generated by them. Paitäcc only has to make sure that the permanent excitation on board the ships poses no threat to their own people.

In the Lichtwirt system, Bull and his companions make contact with the Spenta via the Great Language Grid. The energy beings are not very friendly. They suspect that the Terrans will contaminate their sun after the removal of ARCHETIM's corpse with those of other super-intelligences. Bull is prepared for this objection. He lets the Spenta read his mind and shares a memory with them that actually came from Perry Rhodan and that he had "implanted" in himself via hypnosis. It's about the first deployment of Hyperinmestrons on July 9, 2405 AD. At that time, the Andromeda sun transmitter and numerous other stars were destroyed by an anti-sun. Bull hints that the Terrans could do the same with the Lichtwirt system. The Spenta give in to his proposal. Bull, however, has to leave behind a pledge: a Terran. The choice falls on Prester Jellicoe, whose brain was irreparably damaged by mental contact with the Spenta. Bull realizes that Chourtaird took the man along on the visit for that very reason. Just before leaving, Bull learns from Isgrud that ARCHETIM is being removed from Sol at this moment.

ARCHETIM’s extraction creates an emotional tidal wave that infuses all inhabitants of the Sol system with enormous pain. This is the moment that Paitäcc has been waiting for.

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-01-31

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