2683 - Galaxis im Chaos
Galaxy in Chaos
Uwe Anton

The Multiversum Ocular, Ennerhahl's light cell, the MIKRU-JON and the remaining sloops from the BASIS leave the anomaly. At about the same time, the World Ship reaches the Redondo system. The battle between the Realm of Harmony and of the Unharmonious supported superintelligence QIN SHI is decided. Craton Yukk’s decimated fleet flees. QIN SHI incorporates the entity SIL. Perry Rhodan and his people end up between the fronts, because protecting the Multiversum Ocular has top priority for Raphael; the spherical cells leave with an emergency transition, without waiting for the other ships not yet ready to fly. After overcoming the discomfort caused to him by the Rite of Departure, Alaska Saedelaere rushes to help the Terran units. The World Ship filled with Cosmoratic technology holds the opposing battle spaceships in check so long until the Terrans and the light cell have enough speed for the change to superluminal flight.

At the agreed rendezvous point Perry Rhodan and Alaska Saedelaere exchange information. QIN SHI still does not have complete control over the galaxy Escalian, because in the decentralized administrative structure of the empire there is no major governance world that could be conquered by the superintelligence. It is believed that Chancellor Melwai Vedikk will be the next target of QIN SHI. To protect him, the Terrans need the help of Craton Yukk. The Fleet Commander is contacted, but first he has to overcome the shock of defeat and distrust of strangers who are not equipped with a splinter of TANEDRAR. In the meantime, it becomes clear that QIN SHI’s troops are in the sub- galaxy Dranat. The World Scourge depopulates one planet at a time, and the enemy superintelligence is obviously heading for Sholoubwa's control world.

Xylthen landing troops have already boarded the Chancellor’s flying palace. Ennerhahl destroys more than half of a small fleet that besieges Melwai Vedikk's station. The rest flee. Although Perry Rhodan is not enthusiastic about Ennerhahl's uncompromising approach, success proves him right: Melwai Vedikk is saved and brought to Craton Yukk. He is currently not able to act and must recover in the infirmary. Ennerhahl flies away with the light cell because his main task is to find Delorian Rhodan. Perry Rhodan's goal is to search for QIN SHI, even though he knows that he can do nothing against the superintelligence.

On January 9, 1470 NGE, the World Ship (the MIKRU-JON and the SCREW-B stand in its hangar) flies to Control World I. On the way the Suit of the Universes, dissatisfied with its present bearer, announces that "she" is in the immediate vicinity, but cannot tell who this female is. Meanwhile, the control planet is cordoned off by twelve thousand cone ships. All QIN SHI’s crystal spheres are orbiting the plant. They are connected by energy threads with Sholoubwa's tower. QIN SHI appears and starts to mentally subjugate them. Eroin Blitzer, however, who is immune to the influence brings the World Ship into hyperspace at the last second.

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-01-25

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