2682 - Schlacht an der Anomalie
Battle of the Anomaly
Michael Marcus Thurner

Alaska Saedelaere receives a call from TANEDRAR. The superintelligence is directly threatened. The mask bearer is to come to the scene of the battle in the Redondo system. He sets off on the way immediately with the World ship. The damaged SHEYAR remains behind to be repaired.

Guard Lieutenant Pridon is a prisoner of the Unharmonious influenced by QIN SHI in the KROURE. Carmydea Yukk has completely changed and knows only one goal: to serve QIN SHI. She threatens Pridon with torture to wrest strategic information from him, but he remains steadfast. Carmydea plays a cruel game with him, allowing him to flee with a rescue pod. She then shuts down the power supply of the capsule by remote control so that Pridon must suffocate.

The BASIS spherical cells and some Terran ships are in anomaly. Raphael announces that the anomaly will soon collapse. That would be the end of the small spaceship association. The Terrans do not mean anything to Raphael, but when Perry Rhodan points out that even the Suit of the Universes is at risk, Raphael agrees to protect the ships with the Multiversum Ocular. Little by little the invasion fleet and the World Scourge leave the anomaly. Last of all, QIN SHI leaves.

Meanwhile, QIN SHI could not have chosen a better time to invade Escalian because the Rite of Departure is approaching. Every Escalianer equipped with a splinter of TANEDRAR suffers from the separation of the super-intelligence. Their ability to act is limited by grief and suffering. Craton Yukk, commander of the Escalian fleet, is among those affected. It even comes to incidents with the deployment of his fleet by the anomaly in the offshore cluster Caunard. The anomaly swells and engulfs some ships. Hostile cone spaceships and huge crystals, from which the Dosanthi generated panic radiation emanates, come from the anomaly. Craton's fleet suffers heavy losses. As it looks as if the page can be turned again in favor of the Escalianers, TAFALLA’s departure ruins everything. The spaceship crews collapse completely. With his last strength Craton can prevail against the Positronic of his flagship, which has seized the naval command and wants to fight until complete annihilation against the invaders. Craton orders the retreat, as thousands of Escalian cylinder ships suddenly appear - unexpected reinforcement?

Craton's joy at the alleged reinforcement turns into horror as the ships attack. These are manned by the Unharmonious manipulated by QIN SHI. Then QIN SHI emerges from the anomaly which then shrinks. Craton loses consciousness…

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-01-20

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