2681 - Welt aus Hass
World of Hate
Leo Lukas

Alaska Saedelaere and Eroin Blitzer infiltrate the SCREW-B into the World ship and fly to the world Tolmar, on which Sholoubwa’s information indicated that Samburi Yura was to be located. The planet seems to be uninhabited. There are numerous fortresses, industrial plants and the like. Much is destroyed, as if battles had taken place. Minor energy developments are located. Sixteen technical objects float in orbit - Paradim accumulators, as it turns out later. Saedelaere goes to the planet's surface for reconnaissance purposes while Blitzer waits in the World ship.

They do not know that they have been watched since they arrived. The planet is the refuge of the entity Tafalla - defeated by Saedelaere – who gave the planet the name Elicon. Tafalla was split into many fragments that had to find each other again. This was what caused the destruction all around this world. The entity is even more mentally disrupted than before and full of hate for the Cosmocrats and all their servants like Samburi Yura. He now masters Sholoubwa's technical legacies in which he has manifested himself. When Saedelaere activates the energy supply of a building and enters the search term "Samburi Yura" in a computer system, Tafalla recalls the mask bearer and plans Alaska’s destruction. Tafalla contacts Saedelaere under a false name (he uses the name of the planet, Elicon) and tries to manipulate Alaska for his purposes.

Although Saedelaere suspects something very quickly, he still allows Tafalla - as the entity desires - to contact the Paradim accumulators, to strengthen himself and call Samburi Yura in Alaska's name. She appears from a time well. Saedelaere's joy is short-lived, because the woman he has been looking for so long is dismissive towards him and not pleased with the reunion. However, the two must work together to defeat Tafalla. They are put into a kind of parareality, in which Tafalla attacks them. However, the entity has made a mistake, because this place is his core, and here Samburi Yura can effectively attack Tafalla. She removes the Cappin fragment from Saedelaere’s face and flings it at the entity. The energies of the fragment and the parareality work together to create a dimensional prison where Tafalla should now be trapped by Samburi Yura's will forever.

Samburi Yura prepares to leave and gives Saedelaere the opportunity to join her. Disillusioned with the knowledge that he was only being used by her, he refuses; this is not the woman he was once fascinated by. In addition, the Terran can feel Tafalla’s torment. After Samburi Yura disappears through a Paradim-window, Alaska uses the still existing connection to the Cappin Fragment to release Tafalla from his agony. The entity collapses and dies. The Cappin fragment returns to Saedelaeres face. Alaska returns to the World ship...

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-01-16

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