2680 - Aufbruch der Unharmonischen
The Awakening of the Unharmonious
Arndt Ellmer

Carmydea Yukk was appointed by Chancellor Melwai Vedikk as a mediator between TANEDRAR and the underground organization Jyrescaboro. She is to initiate negotiations with the Unharmonious and flies for this purpose to the planet Jyrescabat, which is managed by Carmydia's deputy Merveres Draupadi on the guard world of the Unharmonious. The crew of the SHEYAR switch to the Harmoniously manned GARRAN. Because they still distrust Carmydea, they hypnotize her for interrogation. Responsible for this is Security Chief Galoben Keann, and the board psychologist Pronk Trazyn, who happens to be Carmydia's lover.

Pronk Trazyn is the youngest member of an old, noble family. In the distant past, Duke Jyresca Trazyn preserved the galaxy Escalian against invaders from the people of the Ahl. Only his warriors armed with Syrr weapons were immune to the Techno-wave, which paralyzed Ahl's electronic and Positronic computer systems. Since the Syrr lichens would not tolerate the splinters of the superintelligence TANEDRAR, Jyrescas son Mauren refused to connect his people to the Realm of Harmony, and his people became Unharmonious, had to leave their home planet and burn down the Syrr lichen forest so that it would not fall into the Harmoniousí hands. On Jyrescabat, they set up a new homeland, welcomed like-minded people, and decided to join the armed resistance after a massacre by Harmonious.

More and more inhabitants of the Kingdom of Harmony suffer from nightmares. Draupadi's Jyrescaboro subordinates attribute this to an imminent invasion. It is assumed that the enemy will come from the anomalies that have been appearing. Draupadi and his people also believe that Carmydea was brainwashed and was sent to lead TANEDRAR's henchmen to Jyrescabat. The planet is therefore evicted. The headquarters of the Jyrescaboro is relocated to another world. Carmydea and her companions are forced to move to the KROURE and undergo new interrogations. Draupadi announces that he wants to depose Carmydea.

Suddenly all crew members have visions of faces that resemble their own on the walls. Carmydea realizes that the Unharmonies are under alien influence. Responsibility for this is carried by Sholoubwa, who has supplied the resistance organization for a long time with devices that allow the Unharmonious to move undetected among the Harmonious. These devices now force the Unharmonious under a foreign will. Sholoubwa - or rather one of his robotic externalities - is still active, and the name of his true Lord, who is now the Lord of all Unharmonious, is QIN SHI. Carmydea knows she is being influenced, yet she will work for the enemy superintelligence from now on. She orders the immediate mobilization of the Unharmonious...

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-01-11

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