2679 - Der Herr der Gesichter
The Lord of the Faces
Marc A. Herren

Maran Dana Fogga made a mistake. He allowed QIN SHI to absorb his consciousness. Thus, the entity learns where its enemies are hiding, and can at least temporarily quench its insatiable hunger by killing Fogga's people - the Ememthians - and absorbing their life energy. QIN SHI depopulates other planets too, but is forced to periodically take long periods of sleep. In order not to have to search for suitable worlds again on awakening, it plans the use of the World Scourges and recruits auxiliary races that it always visits in the guise of their peers. The Xylthes become his most valuable henchmen. They promote the development of other intelligent races that are bred and then "harvested" by the World Scourges. Thus, Fogga’s plan finally fails. QIN SHI does not degenerate but continues to grow.

Although the cycle of eating and sleeping leads to QIN SHI becoming more and more powerful, its hunger does not decrease - on the contrary. In search of new food, the entity arrives at Anthuresta. QIN SHI depopulates a whole cluster of stars, but the absorbed energy is still not enough. Subsequently, QIN SHI annexes a world that turns out to be the SHIKAQIN biomechanical mainframe. With this, QIN SHI has found its "anchor". Wörgut Gooswart and most of the other spiritualized Oraccameos are fed into SHIKAQIN. The technicians responsible for the computer are androids. They are called Badakk, but are made into non-humanoid beings by genetic manipulation made by QIN SHI. This is to avoid conflicts with the Xylthes, to whom the Badakk were too physically similar.

Some time later, QIN SHI encounters the seemingly helpless entity Peregrin. The two talk. QIN SHI learns a lot about the construction of the Cosmos, the Moral Code and the Cosmocrats. When QIN SHI tries to absorb Peregrin, it realizes that it has been deceived. The foreign entity is far more powerful than QIN SHI and snatches the consciousness contents form it that it had eaten in Anthuresta because Anthuresta is one of Peregrin’s thickness concentrations. QIN SHI is extremely weakened and falls asleep from which it only awakens centuries later.

Through this experience, QIN SHI gains the realization that it is better to hide from other entities. Its auxiliary peoples are to create a safe retreat for it based on the model of the Cold Space. SIL is the first entity to be abused to stabilize such an anomaly. Later, only dead superintelligences are used for this purpose. At this time, QIN SHI encounters the galaxy Escalian. It realizes that the local superintelligence TANEDRAR emerged from those four entities with which it had wanted to unite shortly after its creation. This problem should be fixed, but the project requires careful preparation.

QIN SHI takes the Sayporans into its service, because it needs not only warriors and technicians, but also helpers whose strength is cunning and who know where to find more superintelligence corpses. Then QIN SHI encounters the designer Sholoubwa. QIN SHI deceives the creative robot in order to be able to use its BOTNETZ for its own purposes.

Thus ends QIN SHI’s life story. Perry Rhodan wonders why Peregrin/ES - has told QIN SHI so much about cosmic evolution. His thoughts are interrupted by QIN SHI's disappearance. QIN SHI has left the anomaly. Only the Multiversum Ocular prevents the anomaly from collapsing…

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-01-04

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