2678 - Das Windspiel der Oraccameo
The Wind chimes of the Oraccameo
Michael Marcus Thurner

In the distant past: The Oraccameo dominate half of the galaxy Chalkada. They wage a merciless war of extermination against the Kuippri who, with their explosive propagation, depopulate entire planets unless the Oraccameo intervene and pre-emptively destroy the worlds attacked by Kuippri larvae. The Kuippri have not developed space travel but is supported by a robot civilization whose only known goal is to destroy all life. War Minister Wörgut Gooswart keeps a consultant named Maran Dana Fogga, the last of its kind, who was once taken by Gooswart as a foundling and has received an artistic education. He entertains his master and serves as a counselor. In truth, he pursues a secret life plan and uses Gooswart and other high-level Orccameos as pawns.

Tion Youlder, the Supreme Lord of the Oraccameo, invites Gooswart and his rival, Ethics Minister Cofirazi Marturia, to witness the execution of three high ranking traitors. A new technique is used for the execution, which sucks the life energy from them, to theoretically save their consciousnesses in a small aggregate and fuse them together. Youlder informs his two guests that he wants to develop the "disembodiment" machine and someday use it to gain immortality for himself and their people. Gooswart, who plans to eliminate Yooulder to place himself at the top of the Oraccameos, sends Fogga to Youlder as a spy. Youlder sees through Gooswart’s intentions, so that a delicate balance arises. Youlder is protected by his Falcide canines and security technology, while Gooswart is safe as long as he has success in the fight against the Kuippri.

The experiments with the so-called World Scourge are initially not going well. Cofirazi uses this for a propaganda campaign against Youlder. On Fogga's advice, Gooswart takes the side of the topmost Oraccameo and eliminates Cofirazi. Gooswart and Fogga become more involved in the evolution of the World Scourge. Fogga leads the next experiments. At the same time, without Gooswarts knowledge, the Cold Space becomes developed, in which the majority of the fleet that will no longer be needed after the expected victory over the Kuippri is to be stored. This would simultaneously weaken Gooswart’s position of power. Time is short, because Youlder is meantime old and has not got much longer to live. At least that's what Gooswart believes until one day Youlder drops his mask. Due to advances in medical technology, the head Oraccameo is in fact still relatively young.

An unexpected chance for Gooswart arises as his Youlder’s space flight worthy security vault and its escort are attacked by superior units of the Kuippri. Fogga, who has infected three of Youlder’s Falcids with nanobots and taken control of them now has them attack Youlder, who dies. Gooswart takes his place. Under his leadership, the Chalkada Zasa pilots are created, who achieve great successes against the Kuippri. Fogga invents the legend of QIN SHI to prepare the Oraccameos for the forced spiritualization. The aging Gooswart gradually becomes Fogga's puppet.

Finally the time has come: The perfected World Scourges collect the life energy of four different races, so that four mental beings emerge and the fleet is relocated to the Cold Space. Finally, the Oraccameos are spiritualized down to a few tens of thousands of individuals. QIN SHI is born. Just before Gooswart’s consciousness content rises into QIN SHI, Fogga confesses the truth to him. He is an agent of the robot civilization, which wants to overthrow its most dangerous opponent, the Oraccameo. Fogga has ensured that QIN SHI cannot unite as planned with the other four entities. He intends QIN SHI to drift helplessly, stultify and finally dissolve after millions of years…

Jerry Schneiderman 2018-12-22

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