2677 - Rhodans Entscheidung
Rhodan’s Decision
Christian Montillon

Kaowen’s fifty thousand unit strong fleet is on its way to the assembly point of the Desperate Resistance. Mondra Diamond and Pucky try to sabotage the RADONJU and kill Kaowen but only put themselves at risk and are being hunted. They could have saved themselves the trouble, because Ramoz secretly pursues a reckless master plan. When the Xylthes reach the collection point, the Soul of the Fleet directs the unmanned, not fully operational starships in the middle of the enemy fleet as gigantic bombs. Thirty thousand Xylthen ships are wiped out, while the rest flee. The fact that some spaceships of the Resistance are destroyed, is considered by Ramoz as acceptable collateral damage. Triumph is somewhat denied him though, as Högborn Trumeri once again checks in and threatens Ramoz with the Reduction. For Ramoz it is clear: The Oracca must die.

Perry Rhodan has also made a decision. He wants to leave Chanda and follow QIN SHI into the anomaly. But before that, Mondra and Gucky have to be rescued. Ennerhahl is no help, as he goes immediately to the anomaly. Nemo Partijan succeeds in determining the next targets of the World Scourge. One of them is the Obliga system, an important Xylthe breeding world. Rhodan goes there with the MIKRU-JON. The RADONJU is already on site. Kaowen realizes that there is only one way to get rid of the annoying intruders. He directs the self-destruction of his flagship and gets ready to leave it with a sloop. For this purpose, however, he must emerge from the headquarters secured by an anti-Psi shield. Pucky is able to locate him. He teleports with Mondra into the sloop as it is leaving its home ship. Mondra shoots the Xylthe without hesitation, and shortly thereafter the RADONJU explodes.

In the meantime, Ramoz has hacked the MIKRU-JON’s systems and found out the location of the ORA equipped with Pucky's transmitter. Ramoz immediately flies to the hiding place of Trumeri's ship and destroys it, along with Trumeri. Thus, he is finally his own master, and with the starship fleet he has the greatest power in Chanda in his hands. With his help, Rhodan can drive out the World Scourge from the Obliga system. Pucky and Mondra return to the MIKRU-JON. Together with the starship fleet they now go to the anomaly where Ennerhahl waits. The World Scourge apparently also intends to dive into the anomaly. The MIKRU-JON is picked up by the light cell that attaches itself to the BASE sphere. While Ramoz’ starships keep the Xylthes assembled at the anomaly in check, all three ships fly into the anomaly. Somehow, QIN SHI seems to have merged with the anomaly. Rhodan and his companions are suddenly subject to a foreign influence…

Ramoz plans to seize power in Chanda. He awakens Kaowen's comatose original body, because he may need the help of the former Protector to get the galaxy under complete control.

Jerry Schneiderman 2018-12-15

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