2676 - Der Chalkada-Schrein
The Chalkada Shrine
Christian Montillon

QIN SHI disappears in the direction of Escalian, leaving behind a power vacuum in Chanda that cannot be filled by either Kaowen's shrunken forces or by the Desperate Resistance that has broken out. In this situation, Högborn Trumeri sees his chance to help the Oracca race become supreme. He goes to the Chalkada Shrine, an ultimate power center that was hidden long ago. From the projection of an Orccameo, which belongs to a program run by the shrine and recognizes Trumeri as worthy, he receives a small spherical object with which he can bring Ramoz (and thus the fleet from the Cold Space) completely under his control. Gucky, who has followed Trumeri, observes this unnoticed and hides a tracking transmitter in Trumeri's ship.

Ramoz is plagued by visions. An Oraccameo claims that Högborn Trumeri is his new master. Through Rhodan, Ramoz has learned of Trumeri's intentions. He cannot defend himself against the Oracca, because he has a striking argument in the form of the small ball. With this device, he can always initiate the Reduction and turn Ramoz back into an animal.

A cone ship sent by Kaowen reaches the fleet and radiates waves of panic, but is destroyed by the MIKRU-JON. Nevertheless, Kaowen is now informed about the existence of the fleet. Perry Rhodan tries in vain to prevent another use of the World Scourge. Kaowen also arrives at the scene. The World Scourge does not interest him, for it has become meaningless to him. He attacks the MIKRU-JON. Rhodan just manages to escape. Without consulting Rhodan, Gucky teleports with Mondra Diamond into Kaowen’s RADONJU. The two want to try to sabotage the ship as Kaowen prepares to finally crush the Desperate Resistance...

Jerry Schneiderman 2018-12-10

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