2675 - Der Glanz der Stille
The Glory of Silence
Wim Vandemaan

The flight to the Zyor system takes a few days. On the way, Shanda Sarmotte and Toufec get to know the commanding Sayporan, Choursterc. He is ancient, cared for by the rod-shaped creature Aes Qimae , and has recently incorporated the brain (or parts of it) of the late ex-boyfriend of Anicee Ybarris. Benat Achiary's personality has been preserved. He tells the people the story of the Sayporaners, who owes their spread into space on the one hand to the Utrofars, who are about as important to them as the Posbis to the Terrans. On the other hand, there is also the technical legacy of an unknown people, that they found on the moon of Saypor. Their home galaxy Ayr was a "sealed" region at that time, which led to the fact that the Sayporaners came into contact with a superintelligence - namely QIN SHI - only late in their development. Choursterc says the Sayporaners would someday be so indispensable to QIN SHI that they could become the masters of superintelligence.

The search for the superintelligence corpse on Zyor Zopai has been going on for quite some time. It quickly becomes clear why all previous expeditions have failed. There is not just one corpse, but millions, if not billions of pieces of it. The remnants of the superintelligence descend from the sky in the form of wafer-thin amber threads and disappear into the ground. Planetary inhabitants, nearly humanoid creatures at relatively low levels of technology fighting a perpetual war, call these threads Pan-Factors and collect them wherever possible. There are countless uses for the Pan-factors. Among other things, they can be used to repair objects and to heal injuries. Shanda pulls the Zopai girl Pauthofamy out of a burning building. With her Pan-Factor, the child saves the life of the injured Aes Qimae. When Shanda picks up the thread, she recognizes microscopic inclusions in which entire cities and countries are located. She feels drawn into the Pan-factor, as if it is robbing her of something.

In planetary orbit are one thousand two hundred sixty-nine abandoned, but functioning space stations. Shanda and Toufec explore one station and meet a second Pauthofamy. Pazuzu notes that both girls are absolutely identical. It turns out that all the inhabitants of Zopai (as well as the cities and everything else) are only projections of the dead superintelligence PAUTHOFAMY, the twenty-first Guarantor of the dogma of Pau, consisting of a combination of copied mental structures that are far below as inhabitants of the cities created by the Pan-factors. PAUTHOFAMY was long ago infected by artificially produced pathogens and fell into degeneration. The superintelligence created a moon-sized sphere from the Pan Factors in the Zyor system and tried to fight against the disease. When she died, the Pan-Factor ball exploded and rained down on Zopai. Everything that exists on the planet is just a reflection of the sub-nano-reality stored in the Pan-Factors, and the war led by the Zopai is an expression of the struggle of the dead superintelligence against the disease.

Shanda makes it clear to PAUTHOFAMY that she is dead. All the cities and their inhabitants disappear. All the Pan-Factors unite again into a sphere in space. This is transported by nail ships of the Spenta to the Ephemeral Gate. Shanda and Toufec fly there in Choursterc's star galleon. On the way they talk about the experience. Achiary had mentioned the term “time companions” in his report. It is related to the city of Aures, of whose Nanogent funds Delorian Rhodan makes use of today. Toufec explains that Delorian has endeavored to understand the true nature of superintelligence. He was looking for a "pattern" of superintelligence. PAUTHOFAMY had also spoken of such a pattern. Toufec does not believe that the Superintelligences are an inevitable result of cosmic evolution, because if higher entities are supposed to inevitably become Matter Sources or Matter Depressions - why are there so many dead superintelligences?

The Ephemeral Gate is a black hole from the early days of the universe recovered by QIN SHI. It forms a triangle with the Gills-Ghaulinc - twin suns. Shanda enters in telepathic contact with the Spenta and learns that they have created a white hole at the core of the Sun Gills, which they use as a source of raw materials. In the Sun Ghaulinc they create the Chrono-Lot out of Ephemeral matter, which makes the use of the black hole possible, because the Ephemeral Gate lies beyond the event horizon and is thus actually unattainable. At the moment of injection, a superintelligence’s corpse is decomposed into quark-sized particles. These Psitones are timeless and get a new chronological alignment from the Chrono-Lot, which means that they can be recovered from the future behind the event horizon and fed into the anomaly . They attach themselves to the outer skin of the anomaly and thus secure it to a limited extent. From several layers of Psitonen a meta-mental layer is created. However, there is nothing left of the superintelligence’s consciousnesses, so the meta-mental layer is unable to control the anomaly. This remains unstable, which leads to the prevailing hyper-chaos inside. A definitive stabilization would only be possible through the awakening of the anomaly to a Neuroversum.

Thus, it is clear that the task of the Terrans must be to conquer the Gills-Ghaulinc system. Whoever controls it, can bring the anomaly to collapse or further stabilize it. However, Shanda does not tell Toufec that she has learned more: in the awakening of the Neuroversum, the Dead Brain of the bridge world of Faland will have an important role to play ...

After feeding the Pan-Factors into the anomaly, the Sayporaner ship PÄRSTAIR is made available to the humans. It starts the trip home on December 12, 1469 NGE.

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