2673 - Das 106. Stockwerk
The 106th Floor
Hubert Haensel

Flemming Burnett is the Coco-interpreter for AGENT GRAY , the central Positronic of the TLS Tower. From 1458 NGE he has worked together with Fydor Riordan, the former deputy head of the “Terra Internal Department”. He follows Riordan's rise and is brought together with the half-Ferrone Ve Kekolor by him, whom Flemming develops a crush on. Burnett does not realize that both are only exploiting and harnessing him for their own purposes. In 1465 NGE Attilar Leccore succeeds the late TLS Chief Noviel Residor. Riordan claims that the Terminal Column TRAITOR is about to infiltrate the Milky Way with Koda Ariels. Many people in important positions have already been replaced by shapeshifters. He voices the suspicion that Leccore is one of them and hands Burnett a hair that allegedly comes from the TLS boss. In fact, the hair does have unknown DNA. Burnett is now convinced that he can only trust Riordan and supports him in the fight against the invaders. They are supposed to gain help from friendly aliens, who appeared some time ago in the Sol system: The Sayporaners. Burnett receives a data crystal with a program that he feeds into AGENT GRAY. It ensures that the Positronics receives messages about the activities of the Sayporaners, but then modifies or suppresses them. In this way the strangers can carry out their plans undisturbed.

On December 1, 1469 NGE, Reginald Bull, Shanda Sarmotte, Toufec and two agents infiltrate the TLS Tower to initiate its reconquest and ensure the capture of an intact transit parquet. They are supported by Attilar Leccore, who went underground after the fall of the TLS headquarters. Access to the tower is made possible by a "mobile room" that is currently used as a toilet in the restaurant Night Asylum in Sub-Terrania. There are three such spaces that can move through tunnels to the TLS Tower, but only this one is unknown to AGENT GRAY. After the task force gathers there, the room sets in motion and finally docks on the legendary 106th floor of the TLS Tower. When Leccore tries to open a door in the TLS Tower with his personal codes, an alarm is triggered. Fagesys and robots attack, but the infiltrators are also armed and have a converted TARA combat robot called Stainless Stan with them. They defend themselves successfully and discover a room in which clone bodies of Riordan and Kekolor are being cultured. Apparently the two traitors were promised the kind of immortality already granted to Kaowen.

As Leccore begins to carry out the destruction of the clones, and as expected, Riordan and Kekolor appear a little later with more troops. With Pazuzu's help, Bull's people remain victorious. Kekolor is killed, and Riordan is badly wounded. Burnett takes his own life. Now Terran forces can enter the TLS Tower. After getting the situation under control, Leccore visits Riordan who is dying in the medical center. The two talk about the supposed Koda Ariel hair. Riordan takes his knowledge of the origin of hair to the grave. Leccore orders AGENT GRAY to delete the recorded conversation.

Jerry Schneiderman 2018-11-23

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