2672 - Kosmische Agonie
Cosmic Agony
Verena Themsen

On November 28, 1469 NGE Homer G. Adams receives a visit by Delorian Rhodan, with whom he had met for the first time on May 28, 1463 NGE. At the time, Delorian had warned him of a danger posed by Perry Rhodan. Delorian was and is of the opinion that Perry Rhodan is subtly being manipulated by owning the Polyport controller and it is the job of the Society of Absent Friends to catch what threatens to occur. Adams also learned about the reconstruction of the BASIS. When this process now completes, Delorian proclaims, the real future begins. On the same day, after the fall of the Umbrian Council, the first regular government meeting is interrupted by a worrying message. The crew of the heavy cruiser HANNER TEKENBECK, found the enemy star galleons outside, and discovered that the anomaly is unstable and has already reduced in size. It is believed that the anomaly will collapse in the foreseeable future and that the Sixtadim veil is causing this disturbance. Delorian Rhodan confirms this assumption. Since a shutdown of the veil is out of the question, the Sol system must as soon as possible be returned to the standard universe. This requires the help of the Sayporans. For this reason, a Fleet personally commanded by Defense Minister Vashari Ollaron sets off for the World Wreath system to do reconnaissance.

At the same time, Reginald Bull meets with Chourtaird, as the Spenta have still not removed ARCHETIM's psi-corpus from Sol. If they do not succeed soon, it is to be feared that the darkening of the sun will never be reversed. Chourtaird contacts the Explicator Chourwayrs. Only he can talk to the Spenta. The Umbrian Council gives this its blessing after Bull has made it clear to Anicee Ybarri that a settlement of the situation is in their mutual interest. Shanda Sarmotte overhears the communication telepathically with the Spenta. The Spenta report of a seal , which presumably has existed in the sun for millions of years and prevents the recovery of ARCHETIMís corpus.

In the anomaly, there is even worse chaos than before. Vashari Ollaron's fleet is decimated in a very short time by various hyperphysical catastrophes, and the minister is badly wounded. Her ship, the ZHENG HE, remains reasonably flightworthy, but a return to the Sol system seems illusory. With more or less severe damage only eleven ships survive the anomaly raging Gravo-shockwaves. They find a wrecked star galleon and can communicate with the Utrofar -Navigator Fernvater Augerbe. In order to accomplish the important mission he is on, the Utrofar needs the help of the Galactics - just as they need his help to find a safe way out of the chaos. Fernvater Augerbe is attached to the ZHENG HE. He directs the Galactics into a safe region, the Loom Land. On December first, an association of star galleons passes this area. The ships appear to be transporting the body of a dead superintelligence. All the Galactics suffer a shock through its emanations. Vashari Ollaron does not survive this incident.

After the rest of the fleet has returned to the Sol system, it is clear that the World Wreath system cannot be reached with spaceships. Delorian Rhodan suggests an alternative. The TLS tower must have a transit parquet connected to the Sayporan home system. Toufec will help the Terrans to enter the sealed and inaccessible underground TLS center.

Jerry Schneiderman 2018-11-13

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