2671 - Das Weitenschiff
The World Ship
Christian Montillon

Sholoubwa brings Alaska Saedelaere and Eroin Blitzer to his techno pyramid, because he needs their help. In order to regain his grandeur and genius, he explains to his "guests," that he must create the Free Space. It is nearing completion, and thereafter the hyper-resistance in the Nahroin system will drop to its old value. At the same time, the World Ship, which is to serve as a replacement for Sholoubwa's asteroid-based Grand-Positronic, must be taken from its hiding place into the Free Space. Eroin Blitzer is to take over this task, for which the SCREW-B is made available. In return, Sholoubwa will help find Samburi Yura .

While Eroin Blitzer is on the move with SCREW-B, Saedelaere talks to Sholoubwa. The Terran becomes annoying to the designer, but it has to be kept alive because Sholoubwa has realized that a friendship has long since developed between Saedelaere and Blitzer. Sholoubwa does not want to risk that Blitzer will show any irrational reactions in the case of Saedelaere's death. Blitzer reaches the hiding place of the World Ship, deactivates the anti-detection screen and steers the SCREW-B into a hangar. The World Ship is a three-kilometer spherical ship, which consists of a variety of components. Among other things, this includes technology stolen from Evolux. The Free Space is created. Immediately, Sholoubwa's powers increase in potential, but he also realizes that his crippled ego had made many mistakes that need to be corrected to keep the Free Space up. The Designer is in contact again with all his creations, including the BOTNETZ. He grants Saedelaere an insight into one of the BOTNETZ-created mini-universes. To his horror, the Terran recognizes that the Earth is trapped there, and that Samburi Yura has something to do with it. Then the Free Space starts to collapse. The World Ship reaches the Nahroin system too late.

When the Free Space collapses, the hyper-impedance jumps back up. This shatters Sholoubwa's intellect once more, this time irrevocably. The robot is still able to act, but he will never be the old Sholoubwa again. He asks for "death." Blitzer fulfills his request after Sholoubwa betrays him Samburi Yura's whereabouts. Blitzer would have killed Sholoubwa in any case, just to punish him for the abuse of Evolux technology. Saedelaere and Blitzer leave the planet and intend to restore order in the Nahroin system to help the natives before continuing to track down Samburi Yura.

Jerry Schneiderman 2018-11-04

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