2670 - Der Weg des Konstrukteur
The Path of the Designer
Marc A. Herren

581 NRG, two hundred and two years after Cholaquin’s death, Sholoubwa tests his latest invention to escape the race of the Allhe who steadily pursue his MOWENAS PRIDE because he has not only given them weapons, but also their enemies. Sholoubwa activates the semi-space bubble network, in which the enemy ships are temporarily stuck, so that he can escape. Sholoubwa is in constant Zero-Channel contact with the main Positronics of his asteroid base, as well as with his externalities - robots that he can control as if they were his own body parts. The same Cosmocrat envoy who once contacted Cholaquin, visits Sholoubwa at his base and recruits him for the higher powers. On Evolux, after lengthy tests a board of examiners from the people of the Firr find Sholoubwa worthy to work in the service of Cosmocrats. Although they sever his connection with his Grand Posititronics, but grants him access to an Evolux computer. In this way Sholoubwa's abilities are immeasurably increased. He gains unsuspected new insights into the cosmos and the way the cosmos works.

Decades later Sholoubwa is close to the completion of a Sontaron generator developed based upon the plans of an Emotio-transmitter. This device can amplify paranormal emissions. Supported by his more than two thousand externalities - the Techno-guard - Sholoubwa works on numerous projects at the same time, but in the eyes of his clients, he is just one design engineer among many. And, moreover, an outrageous one who pursues his own interests over and over again. Therefore, he is assigned Sub-auditor Voosla from the snake-like people of the Hoaponoset as a guardian. More centuries pass. Then Sholoubwa manages to perfect his HRB network and from this, will build the BOTNETZ designed by other Evolux-commissioned designers. For this purpose, a special metal is needed, and to get this, Sholoubwa flies with the SCREW-B into the galaxy Remmal. Nikomus Neuntau is appointed as his pilot and assistant. Sholoubwa enters the now material Intangible City of Connajent as soon as they arrive on the planet Nemkok. Sholoubwa uses a coder to force Connajent to stop at another stop. This will damage the city, but the job will be fulfilled. Sholoubwa receives metal containing traces of Carit from a Cosmic Factory. During this time he is persuaded by Eto Thalwaaruu, a resident of Connajent, to make life. Sholoubwa creates the Firibirim after the model of the local life form of the Firr.

The construction site for the BOTNETZ, a dimensional prison, which is to be used to hijack KOLTOROC and thus render harmless the Terminal Column TRAITOR, is located in Escalian. Renyi-Hemdebb leads the project. The BOTNETZ is finally used in the battle for TRYCLAU-3, but the mission fails and the petals of the Time Rose are damaged. Sholoubwa recognizes his mistake and begins to create a substance to improve the BOTNETZ. He watches as Renyi-Hemdebb is killed by AFALLA and sees how the miniature universes generated by the BOTNETZ can be stabilized. A thousand years after the Battle of TRYCLAU-3, Sholoubwa is working on perfecting the BOTNETZ on Tolmar. He manages to create a hyperperforation that permanently persists and forms a special constellation with Tolmar and a black hole. Afterwards he is visited by Resolution Commander Vuusla. Sholoubwa is ordered back to Evolux. When he refuses, the Zero-Channel connection with the Evolux computer is cut.

Sholoubwa had taken precautions and reconnected with his old Grand Positronic. But the asteroid containing it is attacked by a Rapid Cruiser of the Yakonto. However, Xylthe spaceships appear and annihilate the Rapid Cruiser. Then QIN SHI speaks personally with Sholoubwa. The superintelligence is interested in the BOTNETZ. Sholoubwa does not care about the construct anymore, so he agrees to hide it in the galaxy Totemhain until QIN SHI is ready to take possession of it. Centuries later, the designer survives a conflict with the entity TAFALLA, which has taken over Sholoubwa’s city on Tolmar for the Cautionary Spectacle of the Lake of Tears. Another two thousand years later, Sholoubwa suffers a terrible shock from the increase in the hyperimpedance. The basic program of the ancient Medo-drone reboots. Most of Sholoubwa's intellect has been destroyed. The designer is now only a shadow of himself.

Jerry Schneiderman 2018-10-30

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