267 - Rückkehr in die Gegenwart
Return Into The Present
Kurt Mahr

Hiding near Redpoint, a red giant in the galactic center, the Khrest III's crew has no clue as to how to rejoin the present. Rhodan sends the Woolver twins on a secret mission to capture Frasbur, one of the Masters of the Island, acting as a secret agent on Kahalo. The Woolvers attend a meeting between Frasbur and Regnal-Orton, another Master of the Island on an inspection visit. They learn that the Masters of the Island are humans and have cell activators. An attempt to capture Regnal-Orton fails, causing his death. Hiding in the ship of the Masters of the Island, the twins are brought back into the present, in Andromeda. There, they join Reginald Bell, on board of the supercruiser General Deringhouse who was patroling in the Vario area.

Cedric Beust

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