2667 - Der Diplomat von Maharani
The Diplomat From Maharani
Michael Marcus Thurner

Based on the insights gained on Travnor and Thea, the Galactics are finding Badakks and Sayporaners everywhere in the Milky Way. On Arun Joschannanís request, the USO works together with foreign secret services. The First Terran wants to seize the opportunity to improve relations between the Milky Way peoples. The actions are successful. It seems the Theatrum system was the starting point of the enemyís activities. While the Sayporaners accept captivity, the Badakkd usually fight to the last and destroy themselves so as not to fall into the hands of the Galactics. Further Galactics "turned over" by genesis plasma are exposed and young people are freed again. One of them is Joschannan's son Caio Antwan. The medics try in vain to heal the adolescents changed in some unknown manner. In Caio's case, it is aggravating that his relationship with Joschannan was never very good - at first the First Terran fails to reason with his son. As before, Joschannan is accompanied every step of the way by his Oxtorner "Bodyguard", because it is still not clear whether the genesis plasma is continuing to spread through his body. Since excessive hunger is a bad sign, Joschannan does without many a meal.

On the 21st and 22nd of February 1470 NGE the Badakk interned at the USO base T9 as well as on the extreme world Trankun belonging to the Arkonide Empire undertake outbreak attempts. In some unknown way, the enigmatic beings manage to sabotage and take over all sorts of technical devices. Apparently, the Badakks use nanotechnology, which is hidden in their bodies for it. Ronald Tekener bombards a corvette hijacked by the Badakks, although the fate of the USO crew is unclear. The Badakks destroy the ship before it can be captured. The Sayporaners, especially Chourweydes , show to be a bit more accessible. However, many of them are getting worse and worse physically. Joschannan speaks several times with Chourweydes, but does not quite mange to get close to the Sayporaner, because the mindset of this people is so foreign to the Terrans and Chourweydes likes to speak in riddles. Joschannan demands that the manipulation of the young people be reversed. In this point, Chourweydes turns out to be surprisingly cooperative. He guarantees the "reconstitution" of the young people.

The study of the Sayporaners shows that these beings do not have uniform genetic material. Chourweydes reports that every Sayporan must periodically incorporate foreign organs into theirs to survive. The same must be done if the captive Sayporaners are to be rescued. Since cloned organs are not good enough, Joschannan must allow the Sayporans to access humans. Joschannan turns to Faroz Khalai, Caios attending physician. The man belongs to the Parsen religion. The Parsees do not burn or bury their dead but leave the dead corpses to the birds in open air ceremonies. In such a sky burial, the Sayporans may take over the role of birds on the 1st of March. Grateful, Chourweydes tells the First Terran of his people and the targets of the invasion.

On the 4th of March, Joschannan takes part in a meeting of the Secret Security Advisory Council, made up of representatives of many Milky Way peoples, on Aurora. All the captured Badakks are now dead. The "doubles" are free, because the genesis plasma in their bodies is decomposing. The Badakks have "treated" not only Galactics with the genesis plasma, but also Sayporaners. The liberated young people are on their way to recovery, Joschannan and his son begin to talk to each other again. All known hyper-storm areas where Tryortan gullets may arise are guarded by warships. Despite all this good news Bostich still cautions the others that the war is far from over, and that this is currently just the calm before the storm...

Jerry Schneiderman 2018-10-07

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