2666 - Die Pyramide der Badakk
The Pyramid of Badakk
Arndt Ellmer

The Badakk symbiont did not have enough time to take over Arun Joschannan completely. The genesis plasma cannot be removed completely. Joschannan remains in control of himself, but develops a very healthy appetite, which is due to the additional energy needs of the Badakk. Since nobody knows if and how the symbiont evolves and if Joschannan might lose his free will, he is under constant surveillance. Gashwa Perkat, an Oxtornian Specialist from the JV-1 receives the order, to liquidate the First Terran, if necessary.

Joschannan can feel the presence of other Badakks. After the population of Thea has been informed about the actions of the foreign invaders, Joschannan can move freely on Thea. In a meeting with the planetary circle of directors he realizes that numerous people in high positions have been taken over by the Badakk. The afflicted can be identified with Joschannanís help and rendered harmless. In the meantime, the true extent of the infiltration is becoming known. Hundreds of circus spaceships are transporting equipment of Sayporaners through the Milky Way, so there are probably genesis plasma pools and transit parquets on countless planets. Ronald Tekener will pass on this information later. When examining the circus ship REGULUS, it becomes clear that the transport containers for these items were provided by the company Wettach, whose director is one of the infested. In addition, it is observed how the escaped spaceships from the lunar base disappear in Tryortan gulliets.

A Posbi of the JULES VERNE directs the storming of the Wettach Company premises with TARA-battle robots. There he discovers a pyramid consisting of two thousand five hundred networked Badakks. In this way, these beings are likely to gain superior skills. The pyramid is destroyed, but it cannot be prevented that the entire area is destroyed by huge atomic explosions that were triggered by the Badakks. Then the Sayporaner Chourweydes is interrogated by Joschannan. The Sayporaner agrees to contact the Spentas in the last remaining nail ship. He moves them grant the Galactics access to their ship. For this purpose, the ship is transported to Urengoll.

Jerry Schneiderman 2018-09-27

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