2664 - Hinter dem Planetenwall
Behind the Planet Wall
Hubert Haensel

Arun Joschannan is elected First Terran of the LFT on 1 January 1470 NGE. Just a few weeks later, he sets off for his first major official mission. On 1 February, he will represent the LFT at the Eastside Conference, in which almost all the Jülziish races, as well as delegations of the Akones, Topsiders and other races will participate. Thereafter, Joschannan wants to accept an invitation from the Theatrum system, which had been sent two years ago. Joschannan wants to convince the independent system to enter the LFT. Henar Maltczyk, the Secretary of the First Terran, is worried, because according to a report from Travnor, an assassination attempt on Arun’s life is planned. Joschannan travels with the TYLL LEYDEN, accompanied by two other warships of the APOLLO class. He meets with Admiral Ipthey-Hüriit, an Apaso, at the Nabeg Solar Pentagon. Ipthey-Hüriit accompanies the Terran ships with fifty of his own ships. He tells Joschannan about an observation he had made on January 2nd. Three discus ships of unknown ownership armed with heavy interval cannons had flown about in the middle of a Hyper-hurricane, possibly using a Tryortan gullet as a means of transport. Other ships of this type were tracked during the connecting flight. It remains questionable whether they were Blues ships, because they were superior to everything that Ipthey-Hüriit knows.

The Eastside conference takes place on one of seventeen identical planets on the Khamashnam Planet Wall. Quicheramo Blues had discovered the system a long time ago, but until now its existence had been concealed. Now it was proposed that the system is to be put under the administration of the Galacticum, because it is one of seven of the Old-timers built Suprahet - trap systems. This agenda item remains open, but it is decided, among other things, that the Galactic ATLAS EXPLORER fleet will operate increasingly actively in the Southside. Henar Maltczyk finds out that the Jülziish, fearing Arkonide dominance, is keen to bring the Akones and LFT closer together. Joschannan, who has already earned Ipthey-Hüriit's respect, is nicknamed "Honest Arun" because of his open nature at the conference.

The journey continues towards the Theatrum system. On the way, Ipthey-Hüriit's escorts get lost in a hyperstorm. The TYLL LEYDEN picks up an emergency call from the Terran trade ship WELLS FARGO, which is allegedly being attacked by the mysterious discus ships. As it could be a trap, Joschannan and his secretary stay back with a corvette, while the three APOLLO battleships rush to the rescue of the WELLS FARGO and its sister ship WESTERN UNION. Three Discus ships promptly appear and attack the corvette. The pilot Vanessa Pateng can get the corvette to superluminal flight, but the drive and life support systems are damaged. The corvette falls back into normal space and must land on the desert world Mackurat.

For a diversion, the entire crew except for the pilot and Captain Tyll Brager exit with two Shifts, while robots are simultaneously discharged. The discus spacers follow and capture one of the Shifts. It becomes clear that they are trying to capture the First Terran. Joschannan and his companions have to hide in a cave inhabited by giant wasp like creatures, but are tracked down there. Once again, they manage to escape, and on February 8, finally, the APOLLO ship and one hundred spaceships of the Jülziish commanded by Ipthey-Hüriit arrive from the Khamashnam system. Two of the foreign discs are destroyed, but the third escapes. The examination of the wrecks does not yield any usable results. The techniques used by the unknown builders is not of a specific Blues origin; it could just as well come from the Arkonides. They may be part of the Badakk infiltrated Ark'Tussan Factor.

Jerry Schneiderman 2018-09-02

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