2663 - Der Anker-Planet
The Anchor Planet
Christian Montillon

Ramoz brings the Cold Space - a bubble within the Psionic Net - to collapse, because he ignored the warnings of an Oraccameo - hologram about pulling too much energy in the bubble too quickly, in order to quickly charge up the many ships of the mothballed fleet. The BASIS supply sphere pumps more and more energy into the Cold Space until the hypercrystals floating there are overloaded. The Psionic Net is restored to its original state as it expels the energy, causing severe hyperstorms. Although the starships of the ancient fleet materialize in normal space, one hundred fifteen thousand units are destroyed by it (and two hundred fifty-three thousand were previously irreparably damaged), while countless others must also be considered a total loss or repaired first. Only about one hundred thousand ships are ready to fight. In the starship ZASA , which Ramoz had declared his flagship , a meeting is called on December 6, 1469 NGE to determine what to do next. A reconnaissance mission consisting of the MIKRU-JON and Ennerhahl’s light cell is sent to check out QIN SHI’s anchor planet.

Kaowen's fleet is standing by there. A splinter of QIN SHI joins with the Protector. It comes to fighting insurgent Dosanthis and ships of other races, which appear as the planet Shikaqin becomes visible. Particularly dangerous are the Quolnä Keretzen, against whose flash wave the Xylthes cannot protect themselves. Perry Rhodan uses the chaos of the space battle to approach the planet. Meanwhile, Nemo Partijan has found out that Anaree’s purported star jewel contains "predetermined breaking points" that allow the explosive release of the stored therein hyper-energy. The jewel is shot at the planet after Gucky has telepathic contact with the living world. The mousebeaver recognizes that there the consciousness contents of QIN SHI devoured by the World Scourge continue to exist and serve as an anchor for the superintelligence. Their agony is endless and they long for final death.

The star jewel explodes. The organic matter that covers the planet is destroyed within seconds, QIN SHI’s anchor is destroyed. Nemo Partijan theorizes that Samburi Yura had delivered them the star jewel for just this purpose. Kaowen survives. He knows who he owes the newest defeat to.

Jerry Schneiderman 2018-08-10

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