2662 - Kaowens Entscheidung
Kaowen‘s Decision
Arndt Ellmer

After the destruction of the shipyard APERAS KOKKAIA and QIN SHI's disappearance, Kaowen, as directed, goes to the Shikaqin Viibad in the other part of the double galaxy Chanda. He seizes command of the fleets stationed there, guarding an area protected by a camouflage field. But many commanders do not think of submitting to him. Kaowen executes those who want to follow QIN SHI to Escalian. Ironically, soon after parts of the fleet receive orders to do just that. Kaowen should stay behind. But meanwhile, Kaowen receives new units as reinforcements.

This includes cone ships of the Dosanthi dedicated to the Desperate Resistance because QIN SHI wanted to depopulate their homeworld Meloudil with the World Scourge. They attack the Xylthe ships. Tokun Gavang and his ilk are using their Para-ability to drive the Xylthes into panic and suicide. But there is a security measure that the Dosanthi did not know about. Kaowen can destroy their spaceships remotely. Thus, the uprising threatens to be crushed. However, the fighting rekindles, as the Chuferan and the fleets from Plepsons intervene on the Dosanthi side. The camouflage field goes out. A planet becomes visible. The world without an atmosphere is covered by a quasi-organic substance whose surface forms countless Oracca faces. Tokun Gavang's consciousness becomes paralyzed.

Meanwhile, Ramoz is trying to bring the fleet of seven hundred sixty-five thousand units gathered in the Cold Space under his control. His goal is to destroy QIN SHI. The fleet, however, has no energy. That is where the BASIS supply sphere comes in; Perry Rhodan returns to the Cold Space with this ship and other units. Within a few days, the supply sphere provides the required energy by tapping the sun inside it and feeing it through the blue crystals floating inside. Rhodan has misgivings about the use of the fleet because it was originally provided by the Oraccameo race, which is believed to have evolved into QIN SHI (although Högborn Trumeri persistently refuses to say anything on the matter), so QIN SHI may have set security codes for these ships.

In the meantime, Nemo Partijan examined Anaree’s star gem. Although it is a forgery and does not allow access to the Moral Code of the Universe, it does have some amazing qualities. Suddenly, Partijan's laboratory sets off a serious explosion. Hyperenergy is released. Ennerhahl says that Partijan is not supposed to be alive anymore, but the scientist claims that he is unharmed. After a conference on December 1, 1469 NGZ, in which Rhodan claims command of the fleet, Ramoz is to lead the ships from the Cold Space. But something seems to go wrong. Structural vibrations and hyperspace tears arise. Rhodan watches the MIKRU-JON's shell begin to collapse ...

Jerry Schneiderman 2018-07-25

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