2661 - Anaree
Uwe Anton

Ennerhahl manages tp activate the star jewel that was found with the dying woman they had intially thought was the Cosmocrat servant Samburi Yura. Perry Rhodan touches the star jewel. As a result, the life story of the Proto-Enthone Anaree is projected into his mind. For a day from shortly before midnight of November 18 until midnight of November 19, 1469 NGE - he is unresponsive to his companions.

Anaree is one of many Proto-Enthones of the Dayfolk, who live in the LUMINOSITY. She looks like a clone of Samburi Yura. It happens time and again that someone from the Dayfolk touches one of the gems that sometimes hang on the trees in their environment. These Proto-Enthones soon disappear without a trace. This is what happens to Anaree, who cannot resist the temptation of a star jewel. She is then suddenly no longer five, but fifteen years old and has an encounter with the Morning Sister Samburi Yura. In the following period Anaree (as others before and after like her) are shaped by Hypno-schooling and intensive training under the guidance of the small android M'ian Mor to become Samburi Yura's bodyguard. She is provided with a battle cocoon, a hyper-energetic web from the arsenal of the Cosmocrats, which makes Anaree invulnerable and can be used by her as a weapon.

Anaree accompanies Samburi Yura on various missions. She secretly observes a meeting of the Cosmocrat servant with Delorian Rhodan, in which the two forge plans in which QIN SHI seems to play a role. Anaree also witnessed Monkey and Alaska Saedelaere entering the LUMINOSITY, and was approached by a projection of the LUMINOSITY onboard computer DAN. DAN makes dark hints and assures Anaree of his help. She receives a star jewel that Samburi Yura does not know exists. On the homeworld of the Lokopters, Anaree realizes that Samburi Yura does not even think about retrieving the BOTNETZ for the Cosmocrats, since then she and Delorian would not be able to use it for their own purposes. At last she learns what Samburi Yura really has planned for her. Since Anaree looks exactly like the Enthone, she is to be put into the hands of QIN SHI. The superintelligence will thereby be made to believe to have made Samburi Yura harmless, trapped in the battle cocoon.

Anaree is captured by QIN SHI. Though safe inside the combat cocoon, her body cells begin to decompose. Anaree knows her death is inevitable, but at least she can entrust the truth to the Star Jewel DAN had given her.

Jerry Schneiderman 2018-06-27

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