2660 - Die springenden Sterne
The Jumping Stars
Christian Montillon

Ramoz is overwhelmed by memories of his past. He shares them with Mondra Diamond, who observes how the crystals of the Cold Space slowly merge into a huge face during the narrative.

In the double galaxy Chalkada formed from Dosanta and Zasaonta, the Oraccameos train very talented pilots. Ramoz, one of many aspirants of the Zasa race, wins the respect of Wörgut Gooswarts, the highest-ranked Orccameo, through a risky flight maneuver. He is appointed a full-fledged pilot and receives his ocular thorn. This enables him, among other things, to control two spaceships synchronously. At his request, his friend Sajon, who is not as gifted as Ramoz, receives the same operation. Ramoz learns how to use the hyper-cracks known as Viibad Fissures to quickly get from one place in the galaxy to another. After some time, he manages to control more and more ships at the same time. He learns that the goal of the Oraccameos is to create safe zones in the galaxy filled with hyperphysical chaos - the skeletal beings create miniature universes.

Ramoz basks in glory and honor and receives an improved version of the ocular thorn, but also suffers setbacks. One day he receives a call for help from Sajon. Ramoz's friend had been trying to gain access to a jumping star (a Polyport Trade Star). This was destroyed in the process. Sajon is brought to justice. Seeing how Sajon is being punished, Ramoz finally realizes why he is sometimes plagued by dreams of seeing little, furry predators that only follow their instincts: Sajon receives an injection that turns him into one of those creatures. This is true manifestation of the Zasa race. Their development has been accelerated by the Orccameos through genetic manipulation, and this rapid evolution can be reversed at any time.

After some time, Ramoz receives a visit from a man named Nijas. It turns out to be Sajon, who has once again been transformed into a humanoid. He was pardoned because the Oraccameos need as many pilots as possible. Nijas claims that the Oraccameos seek collective spiritualization and want to become an entity called QIN SHI ("Lord of Faces"), who they claim to exist already and who has made contact with them. While Ramoz gets the assignment to hide a fleet in an anomaly, Nijas is ordered to sacrifice himself to destroy a Trade Star. The first Trade Star damaged by Sajon is being redeveloped by the Oraccameos. Since Ramoz is reluctant to fulfill his own mission, he is subjected to the Reduction process and transformed back into a small furred being. His leggings accommodate projectors to create a stasis field. He is sent via the Polyport network to the Polyport Court Kyon Megas, which bring the Halftrack Changeures to Markanu. There, Ramoz sometime later meets Mondra Diamond.

Jerry Schneiderman 2018-06-12

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