2658 - Die Stunde des Residenten
The Hour of the Resident
Verena Themsen

Although Delorian Rhodan has promised comprehensive protection for the Sol system, it cannot be deployed until November 28, 1469 NGE. But Chossom requested reinforcements that will arrive earlier, which would find the LFT fleet helpless due to receiving the secret order Winter Silence, which immobilized it. Reginald Bull must therefore penetrate into the Solar Residence and take control of LAOTSE. Delorian claims that he can access the transit parquet installed by the Sayporans in the Residence and send troops from the 1st Terran Space Division as soon as the Paratron screen of the Steel Orchid is deactivated. Time is still pressing for another reason, as the Spenta are already releasing ARCHETIM's psi-corpse from the sun. Bull uses an override code to enter the Residence. After checking his personal impulses and the vibrations of his cell activator, the way is clear.

Meanwhile, some March Givers of the Fagesys decide on their own authority that the waiting is over. To find out where the Terrans have hidden ALLDAR’s body, they want to take advantage of the opportunity and read the central computer of one of the paralyzed LFT ships. In an action not sanctioned by Chossom, they board the MANNHEIM, whose crew is desperately trying to defend themselves but is ultimately fighting a losing battle. At the same time, the Earth gradually cools down as a result of the extinction of the artificial suns, causing many plants and animals to die.

Reginald Bull is led by a holographic guide in the guise of Siganese Ulan Soso through the Residency Museum and uses more holograms to confuse the Fagesys. He releases nanomachines from Delorian's collection, which immediately start on their own way to the transit parquet in order to reprogram it. LAOTSE is less willing to cooperate than expected, because the Umbrian Council has lawfully obtained power of the government and the Resident has no sole authority. Although LAOTSE switches open a structure gap in the Paratron screen, only fourteen space landing soldiers and twelve TARAs in Toufec’s accompaniment can penetrate before its closing, and only the one who gave it has the right to repeal the secret command Winter Silence - presumably Henrike Ybarri because the codes of the first Terran were used. However, LAOTSE does agree to disable all combat robots that have not yet been reprogrammed by the Fagesys.

Nevertheless, there is heavy fighting in the Residence, because the events do not remain hidden to Chossom, Marrghiz , Fydor Riordan and Anicee Ybarri. Cleverly, Bully misleads his pursuers, making his presence public, and then locating Henrike Ybarri. However, the First Terran did not activate secret order Winter Silence; it was her daughter. Bully challenges Anicee and makes it clear that the peace efforts have in fact failed. The Facesy's attack on the MANNHEIM proves that Chossom is no longer in control of his own people.

Anicee cancels the secret command is canceled. Now it is easy for the crew of the MANNHEIM to throw the attackers out of the ship. The fleet eliminates the ovoid ships of the Fagesy. The Residence is occupied by Tanny Abro's forces, but the TLD Tower is still being fought for. The Umbrian Council resigns and is placed under house arrest, and LAOTSE is deactivated for safety reasons. Marrghiz and Chossom have disappeared. The solar satellites are switched on again.

On November 28, forty-eight spherical, eighteen kilometer wide structures appear around the Sol system. Delorian explains that they are objects made of modified hypercrystals that his Star Worthy have stolen from QIN SHI With Bull's permission, the obejcts are activated, creating a Sextadim veil that completely shields the Sol system.

Shanda Sarmotte asks Bull for a conversation. She could finally read Toufec's thoughts…

Jerry Schneiderman 2018-04-28

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