2657 - Geheimbefehl Winterstille
Secret Order Winter Silence
Leo Lukas

The TOLBA listens to Residence Radio. Thus Reginald Bull learns that the occupiers of Terras are reacting to the destruction of their most important means of pressuring the Terrans by activating the protective screens of the Solar Residence and activating the secret order Winter Silence. With this code, which is meant to prevent the takeover of the fleet by enemy forces in a crisis, all the spaceships of the home fleet are virtually frozen in the Sol system. Except for the life support systems and other basic functions, the ships can no longer be operated. Through these measures, all attempts to overthrow the enemy are to be nipped in the bud. Chossom, who has always been an advocate for tougher action against the Terrans, prevails and calls for reinforcement from home - several tens of thousands of Utrofarian Ovoids, which are making their way to the Sol system.

Anicee Ybarri is not pleased with this development, as she has been convinced to be doing something good for her fellow human beings and to achieve a peaceful integration of humanity into the Sayporan kingdom. Nevertheless, she causes the deactivation of the artificial sun. This is meant to achieve a "cooling of the minds". Anicee gives a speech in which she invites Delorian Rhodan to the Solar Residence. She presents it as if the nano-weapon was going to have been deactivated anyway in the near future. It's a trap: TARA battle robots reinforced by units of Fagesy move to the Residence. This is the moment when Flotilla Admiral Tanny Abro loses patience. Parts of the FIrst Terran Space Division, which she has commanded, have so far remained in readiness in Terrania's underground . Now they move out and form a second encircling ring around the Residence - a stalemate arises. Oachono turns to his peers from the fort with a speech and makes heavy accusations against the Omnipresent Rearguard, which are ignored by Chossom.

Chourtaird gives Bull more information about the Spenta. Among this sun-dwelling people, there is a group of them called the Light Hosts who reject the coexistence with planet dwellers sought by all other Spenta. Only the Light Hosts are currently active in the Sol system. Chourtaird demands the release of ARCHETIM's psimaterial corpse in exchange for his help. Bull agrees. The pact is sealed by dismembering Bully’s tip of the left pinky and attaching it to Chourtaird. Bully’s mutilated finger is repaired by the injection of a regeneration agent.

At the same time, many citizens of Terrania celebrate the hoped-for early liberation of Terra. A group of teenagers use holograms to show caricatures of Fagesy during a joyous procession. The starfish like beings cannot accept this insult. They attack the revelers with paralyzers and capture them. Abro sends soldiers to free them. The troops are supported by Toufec and some Haluters. On November 27, 1469 NGE it comes to short, but fierce fighting, after which the Fagesy have to retreat.

In the meanwhile, the crews of the eight hundred meter battleship KRAKAU II and the LEIF ERIKSSON IV succeed in undermining the secret order Winter Silence. In the case of the KRAKAU, Security Officer Qester Brnowatz comes up with the idea of feeding glitches into the computer system via a so-called vampire tap. In the LEIF ERIKSSON, Residency Minister Vashari Ollaron is able to use her overriding authority. Bull, who is generally thought to be dead, contacts Ollaron and Abro. Because the tide could turn badly for the Terrans by the upcoming arrival of new Ovoid spaceships , the League Fleet must be released immediately from the secret order Winter Silence. For this purpose, Bull must go personally to the Residence to gain

Jerry Schneiderman 2018-04-06

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