2656 - Das Feynman-Kommando
The Feynman Command
Wim Vandemaan

The TOLBA is brought to the fort on November 22, 1469 NGE. Reginald Bull personally receives the man who steps out of the ship - it is not Perry Rhodan as hoped, but his son Delorian. He no longer considers himself the Chronicler of ES and now wants to do what his father has always lacked the courage to do. Delorian declares that he has arrived with the Star Alliance in the Sol system (Toufec is one of them) whose job it is to lead the Feynman Command working on Terra. He does not reveal any further information, but invites Bull to accompany him to Terra on the TOLBA. The Resident is not enthusiastic about this, and he looks with suspicion at the effect that Delorian has on the crew of the fort: The Galactics seem to see something almost like a savior in Rhodan's son.

Bull receives a message from Nachtaug's assistant. A strange ship has supposedly penetrated the Sol system and is now near Uranus. Bull first wants to know if this is a new threat before deciding on Delorian's invitation. He flies to Uranus with the heavy cruiser CLEOPATRA , which serves him as an emergency vehicle. He is only accompanied by Shanda Sarmotte; The CLEOPATRA is largely automated, under its biopositronic’s control and does not require a crew. Three star galleons are on site; apparently they are also looking for the intruder. In the protection of the Paros shadow screen the CLEOPATRA is safe. Guided by Shanda’s Para-ability Bull discovered an unknown ship in the crater Skynd of Uranus’ moon Umbriel - it's the ANÄIRY with Chourtaird and Shamsur Routh on board. The two of them are not in good condition. The small ship is taken on board and brought to the fort. Previously, Bull fakes the destruction of the CLEOPATRA to fool the star galleons. Since Bull has to deal with the newcomers, Shanda flies with Delorian to the Earth.

While Shamsur Routh's condition remains worrying, Chourtaird recovers quickly. Bull receives some important information, from the two new guests in the fort and the Medic Kirte Otorongo, who examines the Sayporaner. Chourtaird is at least one thousand years old – or at least some of his organs are. Some are younger, some even older. They are obviously from other creatures. Chourtaird's genome is not homogeneous; there are hundreds of dominant DNA patterns. Chourtaird is unique. The Sayporaner confirms this and says he that, like all "elders who have survived," he cannot reproduce. Routh reports on his encounter with Zachary Cranstoun in the dead brain, which is supposed to stabilize anomaly and must awaken for this purpose. Otherwise, the anomaly will be destroyed and the sol system with it.

Chourtaird adds that QIN SHI would be unassailable in the Neuroversum - even by the Higher Powers. The Neuroversum could thus become the nucleus of a new cosmic superpower. Undoubtedly, QIN SHI will soon be hunting and killing superintelligence to use their bodies to stabilize the anomaly. Eventually, QIN SHI might reach out to more rewarding prey, such as Matter Sources. Then the entire known universe would be in danger. After informing Bull about some peculiarities of Sayporan culture, Chourtaird says that his people have fallen for QIN SHI. The Inspectors of the Academy of Logistics on Druh had made sure of that. Chourtaird asks the Terrans for help. In return, his group will see to it that the Sol system is left to the Terrans and transferred back to regular space, if the people so wish. However, the Sayporans can do nothing against the Reformatting of the youths and the Fimbul Crust of the Spenta. The Terrans, however, will receive the coordinates of the Lichtwirt system, the home of the Spenta. Bull then assures him of his help.

The TOLBA lands undetected in the middle of Terrania on the 23rd of November. They meet with Toufec and on the following day with Phaemonoe Eghoo, who spreads Delorian's recorded message via SIN-TC. Rhodan's son proclaims, "We'll get the Sol system back," and asks for "a grain of patience." A little later, Fydor Riordan arrives at SIN-TC and kills Phaemonoe, deliberately making him a bogeyman on behalf of his new bosses. Meanwhile, two other Star Alliance members meet Delorian: Clara Esleve and Duncan Talbot , the head of the Feynman Command. They are protected by mental hoods against telepaths. Talbot takes off his hood and lets Shanda participate in the mission of the Feynman Command, which neutralizes the Fagesy nano-weapons. Thus, no more earthquakes can be triggered. In a second prepared message on November 26th, Delorian tells this people this.

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