2655 - Garrabo schlägt Phenube
Garrabo Beats Phenube
Arndt Ellmer

Before his capture, Tormanac da Hozarius was able to make an emergency call. Ghlesduul saves him. Mapoc da Akkat is informed about the most current incidents. He assures Tormanac of his support. The secret facility is under investigation. Nobody can make sense of the terms “Badakk” and “ QIN SHI”, which Tormanac now knows, but it is clear that extragalactic infiltrators are active on Travnor . They fled the secret base, but still have to stay on Travnor. Tormanac decides it's time to call on the USO. Ronald Tekener shows up with the JULES VERNE and ten Posbi Fragment ships of the Galactic Fleet. The TRAJAN arrives shortly afterwards. The genesis plasma from the Pool of True Thoughts is analyzed. The mucilaginous substance consists of modified Badakk cells. It invades any host body where it envelops organs, creates its own ganglia, and evolves into a second, conscious entity within the host body that can fully direct its host. Whoever carries such a quasi-Badakk, gains weight just as significantly as its appetite is increased, because the parasite is dependent on its food intake.

Tormanac assumes that there are already numerous victims of the genesis plasma on Travnor. He himself was not in the Pool of True Thoughts long enough, so he can escape this fate. With the Unither Kormph, the process was also not fully completed, but unlike Tormanac he carries enough of the pseudo-Badakk inside him to be partially controlled, but his physical condition steadily grows worse because the process had gone on for too long. Anelag, Mapoc's nephew, is identified as the carrier of a fully developed parasite and captured. Tormanac believes that the Badakk had chosen Anelag because he is a Garrabo Master whose strategic skills they want to profit from. In order to learn more about the strangers and save Kormph, Tormanac orders the Unither to be put back into the genesis plasma and lays down in it as well. In this way he learns that both the Badakks and the Sayporaners, which have been encountered under the name of “Augurs”, are helpers of the super-intelligence QIN SHI that aim at destabilizing the Milky Way. The Badakks have infiltrated the Ark'Tussan for this purpose. The system of destabilization has existed for at least two years.

Tormanac is pulled in time from the genesis plasma before it can take him over. However, Kormph is probably beyond help. At the same time, many inhabitants of Travnor are beginning to behave strangely - they are all carriers of parasites, and their masters, the Badakk, have given them up as they attempt to flee with Anelag's spaceship the DREAM OF TRAVNOR. When the ship is caught by the JULES VERNE and the TRAJAN, it is blown up by its crew. Only one Sayporan named Marrnuur, who has remained behind on Travnor, falls into the hands of the Galactics…

Jerry Schneiderman 2018-02-15

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