2653 - Arkonidische Intrigen
Arkonide Intrigues
Hubert Haensel

Tormanac da Hozarius remembers his past, starting with the failed activation of his extra sense after the otherwise extremely successful conclusion of the ARK SUMMIA on Iprasa. His family hires a mysterious man named Cregon to take over Tormanac's education. Tormanac accompanies the stranger, who always hides his face behind a distortion field - but only after he has accepted a challenge from the young Arkonide and found a lost family symbol, the Crystal Star of Emperor Hozarius XIX. As it turned out, Tormanac da Hozarius always wore the crystal star on himself.

For the next three years, Tormanac learns everything one needs to know as an agent of the Arkonide Intelligence Service, without actually being admitted to the Tussan Ranton Celis. Under Cregon's guidance, in 1407 NGE he participates in various missions on planets in the Dashkon Star Cloud. In this area, which was embedded in a hyper-cocoon until the Hyperimpedanz-increase, there are always Arkon- hostile actions in motion. The Tu-Ra-Cel takes care of the problem. In an incident in an antique shop, in which Terran Samurai swords are sold, Tormanac figures out that Cregon must have a special relationship with the Terrans. He learns that Cregon is a Kralasene. His real name is Shallowain.

Thereafter, Tormanac and Cregon / Shallowain spend an entire year on Aurora, home of the New Galacticum. Tormanac works in Galakto City as an assistant to Tu-Ra-Cel Adviser Joresska. He briefs her on a recent purge by Imperator Bostich in the Dashkon Star Cloud, and is sent to the Sol system shortly thereafter. After completing his relatively minor job on Mars and returning to Aurora, Shallowain has disappeared. Joresska is behind it - she belongs to the Ark'Tussan Faction, in whose machinations the Ragnaari-Khasurn is also involved. Joresska can be tracked down with the help of some Kralasene, but she resists arrest and is killed. Shallowain is also dead. He had been kidnapped and committed suicide to prevent revealing information that could damage Bostich. Tormanac gains access to a specially encoded Shallowain file containing a voice recording from May 1332 NGE. The message proves that even then there was a plot against Bostich. Tormanac now intends to track down the other people involved in Shallowain’s death...

Jerry Schneiderman 2018-01-06

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