2652 - Traum der wahren Gedanken
Dream of the True Thoughts
Susan Schwartz

Tormanac da Hozarius is the "adviser" to the Arkonide Imperator, a man of far-reaching authority and great power, but hardly anyone knows his true function. He is Bostich's right-hand man and does a variety of tasks for him - often without the knowledge of the Imperator. For example, on the planet Travnor, an important hypercrystal discovery is owned by Shekur Mapoc da Akkat, whom Tormanac considers a member of the notorious Ark'Tussan Faction. To investigate this, Tormanac travels personally to Travnor with his friend and bodyguard, the Naat Ghlesduul. Two assassination attempts and a dinner in Mapoc's estate later, Tormanac is certain that his host actually belongs to the Ark'Tussan, but not he, but his nephew Anelag is behind the attacks. Ghlesduul locates the assassin, a simple Anelag employee named Herm Porlt. The man is babbling about Genesis Plasma, a pool of true thought in an underground facility, and the Badakks.

In the meantime, the oppressed Unither workers organize themselves into a kind of union and send their spokesman Kormph to Anelag. The Arkonide does not allow Kormph to speak, but announces the relocation of all factories for the further processing of hypercrystals to Travnors moon Travsheyn. The Unithers are to be relocated there. On the way back, Kormph is kidnapped by robots and placed in a basin containing a liquid that penetrates his body. After that, he hardly has his own will and tries to convince his comrades that it would be good for them to give up their homeland and live on Travsheyn in the future. Kormph physically gets worse and worse. He thinks he has to go back into the pool again, or else he will die. His friends Vlck, Knfl, Robff, Stozi, Uwtn, Rcst and Brcl try to help him.

Tormanac is also on his way to the underground facility where the pool is located, but alone. He falls into the hands of strange cylindrical creatures and is paralyzed by them. HE is placed in a basin filled with an oily, gelatinous fluid. As the substance diffuses into him, he feels strange thoughts. They are exposing memories that Tormanac has repressed a long time ago…

Jerry Schneiderman 2017-12-04

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