2651 - Rettet die BASIS!
Save the BASIS!
Leo Lukas

Nemo Partijan notes that the remains of Samburi Yuras are genetically unstable. It was probably not the real Enthone, but a replica. The super-strong protective screen of the former BASIS goes out. Gucky is tormented by QIN SHI’s psychic broadcasts and they elicit incomprehensible warnings from him.

QIN SHI is confused and lets countless individuals out of his collective consciousness. They are physically inside APERAS KOKKAIAS, suffer under the condition of being released and do everything they can to return to the superintelligence. Like QIN SHI, they are looking for vital energy and set up a slaughter among the crew of the shipyard. Kaowen is powerless, because the affected sectors are closed off and QIN SHI’s confusion is also affecting all his people. Gucky, Rynol Cog-Láar, Quistus, Nemo Partijan and Perry Rhodan are suitable prey for the beings released by QIN SHI due to their para-abilities and cell activators. They are kidnapped with a kind of fictive transmitter and, separated from each other in the shipyard, have to deal with the former components of QIN SHI. Gucky learns that ES is responsible for QIN SHI’s confusion.

Rhodan meets Hauge Hay'änn and his queen Kand'ak Sarshaktin from the people of the Yuneti. Both are Concepts or avatars of QIN SHI. Rhodan's cell activator is to serve them in a return to the superintelligence reserve of consciousnesses. Rhodan must play for the cell activator and wins. He is allowed to keep his cell activator, but he is also supposed to be subsumed into QIN SHI. He is inaugurated into the plans of superintelligence. The anomalies stabilized with entities or their corpses (created with Sholoubwa’s aid) should serve as a means of transport and weapons, but above all as an area of retreat. In the interior of the anomalies, QIN SHI would be deprived of any access by the higher powers. In preparation for the invasion of Escalian, QIN SHI would first have to stabilize the anomalies herself. The superintelligence, however, fears that someone could find and destroy their anchors, which they apparently must leave behind in the anomaly.

QIN SHI pulls back in the emitted consciousness content and penetrates the anomaly. Rhodan is threatened by the same fate. He is, however, saved by Gucky, who has already retrieved the other abducted people. They all return to Ennerhahl's light cell, where the MIKRU-JON stands, and has now docked with the smaller of the two BASIS spheres. Raphael appoints Ennerhahl as commander of the supply sphere. He himself has to bring the larger sphere with the Multiversum Ocular to safety by means of an emergency transition with an unknown destination, because the current Paratron screen could not provide adequate protection against Kaowen’s attacks. The top priority is to save the BASIS! The supply sphere also flees, while the anomaly expands and destroys the APERAS KOKKAIA. The supply sphere contacts the SICHOU-1 and the KADURA. Meanwhile Kaowen fled with the RADONJU from the shipyard.

Jerry Schneiderman 2017-10-20

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