2650 - Die Phanes-Schaltung
The Phanes Circuit
Uwe Anton

After various difficulties in leaving the anomaly are overcome, the MIKRU-JON and Ennerhahl’s light cell fly back to the location of the BASIS. The old long- distance spaceship has completely converted itself into two different sized spheres. At the same time, more and more attack ships are gathering to invade the galaxy Escalian. QIN SHI orders the transfer of the BASIS to the interior of the shipyard APERAS KOKKAIA, but its conversion could not be prevented. All attempts by Kaowen to crack the protective screen of the BASIS were in vain. Suddenly the screen expands in two waves, destroying the hypercrystal cloud in which the ship was wrapped. In addition, the APERAS KOKKAIA’s screen collapses, which the MIKRU-JON takes advantage of to fly in. Perry Rhodan and Gucky teleport inside of one of the BASIS-spheres, because the mousebeaver felt mental impulses coming from it and energy shots were registered there. Erik Theonta and other crew members there are saved from Haogarth's Xylthes. But few have survived the fighting.

A Raphaelite and the original Raphael appear. Ennerhahl is recognized as an authorized representative of ES (although not authorized to act as a proxy). Rhodan learns that the transformed BASIS is in fact the Multiversum Ocular. The actual Ocular is located in the larger spherical cell, while accommodation and supply facilities are accommodated in the smaller one. Due to hyperphysical phenomena inside it, no one can enter the larger sphere. Supposedly, the Gray Room, the Phanes Configuration and the Multiversum Ocular were part of the BASIS from the beginning. They would have given the Galactics the opportunity to enter the Arresum, but that had turned out not to be necessary at the time. Someone must have had access to the Gray Room and blocked the Phanes circuit during the time that the BASIS waited for the Tarkan Federation to return. It was recently activated by an unknown person. Rhodan assumes that Delorian is behind all this - when he mentions the name, Raphael does not react. He does not know the name. The suspicion grows in Rhodan that everyone has been manipulated by Delorian, including ES himself.

The BASIS begins to move and approaches the anomaly in the center of the APERAS KOKKAIA. Apparently, the BASIS is to be brought to Escalian. Suddenly parts of the shipyard are torn by a huge explosion, in which Kaowen's last clone body is destroyed. It is shown that a solar bomb was sent through the anomaly and then blown up halfway through. It is now no longer possible to cross the anomaly. The Suit of the Universes informs Rhodan that he had been its second "second choice" as a bearer. Its actual bearer, says the suit, is somewhere nearby. Gucky jumps with Rhodan, Ennerhahl and Nemo Partijan to a prison section of the shipyard. There they find Samburi Yura, who is only a shadow of her former self, her body rapidly aging, and they take her back to the BASIS cell. QIN SHI appears personally on the scene, but does not seem to notice the Galactics and moves on towards the anomaly. Samburi Yura's body quickly disintegrates. She mentions a morning nurse and the term Anaree, then dies and dissolves completely. In the puddle of her remains, Partijan finds a star sapphire…

Jerry Schneiderman 2017-09-21

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