2649 - Die Baumeister der BASIS
The Master Builders of the BASIS
Michael Marcus Thurner

QIN SHI kills Kaowen to punish him for his failure. Before the mind of the Protector receives a new clone body, it enters the superintelligence and learns how it fills itself with the mental energy of the population of two worlds, killing them. As he then dwells again among the living, Kaowen finds that he carries a splinter of QIN SHI, who had tormented him, but at the same time gave him new insights and abilities. The preparations for the conquest of Escalian are in full swing. A huge fleet is being brought together at the shipyard APERAS KOKKAIA. The fragments of the BASIS are wrapped in a cloud of hypercrystals. QIN SHI hopes to bring the vessel - or the suspected Suit of the Universes and the Multiversum Ocular - into its possession in this way.

However, the metamorphosis of the BASIS is inexorably advancing meanwhile. By November 6, 1469 NGE, the fragments begin to reunite, while at the same time undergoing fundamental transformations. The material dissolves and then forms new structures. Gradually two spheres with a diameter of 12.5 and nearly 6 kilometers are formed. The last surviving Galactics aboard, who have been fighting for survival for weeks against the invaders and transforming segments, cut off from their own, are in mortal danger. The group led by Trasur Sargon includes Tino, a criminal whose true identity is unknown until the drugs he is addicted to run out, so that he reveals the truth in his withdrawal delirium. He can remain in the group, because with his abilities he is valuable for the battle against the enemies remaining in the BASIS.

An announcement is made by the computer of the BASIS, according to which the Phanes configuration has been initiated. Form energy humanoid figures appear from thin air and perform mysterious activities. Tino succeeds in forcing one of these phenomena into a dialogue. The humanoids refer to themselves as Raphaelites. The had not expected anyone to be in the BASIS. Since they do not want to kill anybody, all living intelligent creatures on board are told to meet in a certain location for evacuation through a transmitter tube. Trasur Sargon and his people must convince their enemies to join them. On the 17th of November, Tino speaks to Reparat Haogarth, the commander of the invading command, and comes to a truce agreement with him.

The evacuation runs smoothly. About seventy Galactics and one hundred fifty Xylthenes, Dosanthis and Badakks are placed in a BASIS fragment, which remains stable. But there, the Galactics fall into a trap. Korech Zadur, a Dosanthi from Haogarth's squad, sacrifices himself to trigger a huge panic wave. The Galactics fall there helpless. The invaders load their weapons, preparing to kill the foolish Galactics…

Jerry Schneiderman 2017-09-04

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