2648 - Die Seele der Flotte
The Soul of the Fleet
Christian Montillon

The MIKRU-JON is inside an anomaly. The hypercrystals there have a detrimental effect on the ship and its crew. Cold is spreading, most of the crew members are unconscious, and Mikru is shows signs of dissolution. Even the Suit of the Universes becomes problematic. It tells Perry Rhodan that he has failed to exploit his full potential. A creature resembling an Oracca speaks to Ramoz. Since the latter cannot find the right words due to missing memories, he has to prove himself in a test to be the " soul " of the fleet waiting for him for a long time in the anomaly. Perry Rhodan, Nemo Partijan and a Lare named Numenkor-Bolok - a former pilot of the MIKRU-JON, who is given a new material body - are transferred into the partly real, partly unreal world.

Partijan recognizes that the hypercrystals somehow influence all the events in the anomaly and keep the fleet in stasis. Rhodan does not know where the scientist gets his knowledge from (Partijan's back pain seems to be related to it somehow), but trusts him. He thereby succeeds in penetrating into the headquarters of one of the foreign ships. There he does something with a control console that brings the fleet under Ramoz's command. However, the wait was a bit too long: only one ship is currently operational.

Ramoz and Mondra Diamond decide to stay in the cold space. From there, they can observe what is happening in normal space, while trying to make the rest of the fleet operational. If they succeed in this, Rhodan wants to possibly man it with people from the Desperate Resistance. Rhodan leaves the anomaly with the MIKRU-JON. He has to reach the BASIS, the transformation of which is almost completed, according to Partijan. After the MIKRU-JON has passed the structural lock of the miniature universe, conditions return to normal. Numenkor-Bolok's body begins to dissolve. Rhodan has to "kill" him so he can return into the datastreams of the MIKRU-JON.

Jerry Schneiderman 2017-08-05

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