2646 - Die Tage des Schattens
The Day of the Shadows
Leo Lukas

QIN SHI personally meets with Marrghiz and talks about the progress made in the Sol system. According to Chourwayr's ancient Explicator, who can communicate with the Spenta because of its para-ability, it will only be a matter of time until the Psi-body of ARCHETIM is finally extracted from the sun. However, time passes differently inside the anomaly in which the Sol system is trapped. There are three other sites with bodies of superintelligenes ( Zyorin Zopai , Conybara and Djeenoun ), but there have not yet been any significant successes.

Despite the guerrilla attacks on Fagesy patrols, the situation on Earth is considered to be quiet. The Terrans believe that the Fagesys and Sayporans have not come as conquerors, but as friends who will lead mankind to a happy, peaceful future. That's why Marrghiz is not pleased with Chossom's independent action. The Fagesy attacked the Waringer Academy on November 8, 1469 NGE, because according to an anonymous source ALLDAR’s corpse is being hidden there. Hundreds of Terrans are wounded, and fifty deaths are to be lamented. The so-called Shadow is becoming all the more popular, as he haunts the invaders with nonviolent actions. In one act, he draws a giant smiley face on a star galleon and places a basket with a new born white donkey on the pyramid of the Ellert Memorial, where Fydor Riordan actually wanted to trap him. In addition, the unauthorized use of a transit parcel is registered for the second time.

Phaemonoe Eghoo is tasked to devise an event to put the invaders in a better light. The return of the first Reformatted youngsters, scheduled for November 15th, would be a good occasion for accomplishing this. The government spokeswoman prepares a folk festival along with the ceremony at Dolan Memorial Park.

In the meantime, a strange man is talking about himself in the Café Trieste in Terrania. The new regular guest is named Toufec dresses like a desert nomad and keeps his enthusiastic audience amused with profound bits of wisdom. He also speaks to Phaemonoe, but fails with her. Kornel Krisch, the head waiter at the Café Trieste, is suspicious at first, but the man behaves himself and pays well. As a means of payment, he uses 4500-year-old, extremely valuable frankincense beads.

The return of the Reformatted youths via transit parquet proceeds as planned. On the other hand, the sense of reunion is restrained on both sides. The returnees behave reserved, as if they are strangers. Anicee Ybarri, daughter of the First Terran and one of the Reformatted, takes the floor. She declares that she and her thirty companions are the new government of the Terrans. The Reformatted will form the Umbrian Council of Sayterrans, and Anicee will be its spokeswoman. The first meeting will take place in three days.

After the departure of the Umbrian Council, the Sayporans immediately begin recruiting new youths from the audience, but they are unable to transport them across the transit parquet, because the Shadow takes control. Strange animals, which look like a mixture of camel and lion, are unable to be stopped by the defense fire of TARA battle robots. These animals are obviously products of superior technology. The chimeras transform into drilling rigs and destroy the transit parquet. Phaemonoe talks about the incident live on the scene and has even a better sensation: the Shadow reveals his true face and gives her an interview. It is none other than Toufec. He calls himself an emissary or a harbinger. He was allegedly sent to Terra to announce that salvation is approaching. There is a power that fights against the Fagesys and Sayporaners. All the Terrans, who are of good will, are to stand by the side of this power. Then Toufec disappears on a flying carpet.

Jerry Schneiderman 2017-06-25

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