2645 - Die Stadt ohne Geheimnisse
The City Without Secrets
Wim Vandemaan

Shamsur Routh is looking for Anicee throughout the sterile looking city Anboleis. Nobody disturbs his presence. With the pattern dress, a symbiont that he had received from 1113 Taomae, he can camouflage himself in an emergency and even make himself invisible. On the 8th of November, 1469 NGE, three weeks after his arrival, Routh discovers two of Anicee’s friends: Kathiko and Chensit. He finds out where he can find Anicee and that her reformatting is almost complete. Anicee stays distracted, but she talks to her father and lets him stay with her. She explains that she will soon return to the Earth. She and the other mentally transformed youths, calling themselves Sayterranians, will form the Umbrian Council there. Thus the people will be able to free themselves from the bonds of the immortals - who are just marionettes of the superintelligences and the Cosmocrats . Before that, the Sayterranians must connect themselves with the Universal Spainkon, a vast knowledge store, which has just been contacted by another, equally comprehensive archive. With this, the Sayterranians will absorb all the knowledge of the Sayporans. When asked about Benat Achiary's death, Anicee said the young man had been incurably ill and wanted to die.

Disguised with the pattern dress, Routh goes to the Spainkon and crosses a sort of portal. A human in it named Zachary Cranstoun talks to him and explains to him that he is within the Continuous Sediment - the brains of the Favadarei are a new intelligence added to the archive of the Spainkon. Routh finds himself physically in a million-year-old memory and "experiences" the story of the race of the Chaom ingichiy chaodhas buchesgha. This insectoid people living on the planet Chaom fachis in the galaxy Khooch had developed the Mentronics: Computers, into which the brains of an individual, and then several other dead beings from various races were implanted. From the Mentronics the Chaom first developed the dead-brain, and from the combination of many of these dead-brains, the entity Alldar emerged. The Chaom and all the other nations became more dependent on the extensive influence of Alldar in all the processes of life, so that it amounted to a shock when most of the dead-brains left their planetary bases for the last step towards becoming the super-intelligence ALLDAR. ALLDAR'S slumber came some time later, when the black hole, in whose orbit ALLDAR had moved its seat, became a quasar.

On November13th, Routh returns to reality. He has gained important knowledge. The anomaly in which the Earth is trapped is an independent universe that has been "implanted" into the standard universe. The miniature universe is unstable and can only be stabilized by the psi-body of a superintelligence ( ARCHETIM ). This was the reason for the abduction of the Sol system. The miniature universe is to be controlled by ALLDAR’S brain. It would thus be a kind of living being, a universe with a brain - a Neuroversum.

Despite his camouflage, Routh is discovered. He is barely able to escape immediate capture, but is encircled. His ‘foster father’ Chourtaird appears with his unusual little space ship ANAIRY and picks up Routh. The Terran is thus safe. Chourtaird says that Anicee is an important person, among other things for the Academy for Logistics on Druh. This is the secret government of the world-wreath system and the seat of the usurpers of the Sayporan culture. The space ship leaves the world-wreath system. Routh believes the trip is going to Terra…

Jerry Schneiderman 2017-05-28

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